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What is the difference between wall Street and Dalal street? Wall street is a matured men, who knows how to do a mistake and how to justify it. Dalal street is a kid, only few years before learned to walk by looking at wall street for so many years.

US investors and the stock market is one of the place pioneered the financial innovation and also the disasters associated with it. It happened in 1930 named as ‘ THE GREAT DEPRESSION‘ which taught great lessons to the world how not to do share trading. The so called developed countries and their casino like capitalism never learned any meaningful lessons from that. Then came 2000 with a bigger economic collapse named as ‘ DOT COM BUBBLE‘ focused on IT related stock collapses and caused economic recession.

History repeats itself. The systematic and deliberate activities of government, financial markets, banks, insurance companies, investors, borrowers of the US created a much bigger economic collapse in the US Housing market from the beginning of 2007 was named as ‘ THE SUB PRIME CRISIS‘. The deliberate greed of US government to maintain the economic growth after 9/11 attack by cutting the interest rate by a huge 1% made their people to borrow money easily ans spend it without going for any job. They are called as NINJA generation. A generation with No Income, No Jobs, and Assets. World is learning horrible lessons after that crisis and serious questions raised regarding the sustainability of the CAPITALISM. (more…)