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A hot sunny Sunday! It is around 12.00 pm now. I am sitting in my bed, thinking about something strange, as usual.

“Extra terrestrial intelligence” (ET)!

Somewhere in your life, if you are happened to read something about Mayans, Pyramids, crop circles, stone Hench, UFO, etc you might have come across ET, at least as a movie.

Spare a little time to know about the most interesting matter that humans trying to know on universe.

We humans have come a long way in our planet. We have seen and understood so much during the phases of our evolution. We have traced our origin starting from big bang theory to present day super dynamism in the universe. Our universe was born 12 million years ago, our solar system 5 million years ago; our human originated as Homo erectus before 100000 years ago, our great ancestors Neanderthal men originated only 4000 years ago. (more…)