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தூங்கும் புலியை பறை கொண்டெழுப்பினோம்
தூய தமிழரை தமிழ்கொண் டெழுப்பினோம்
தீங்குறு பகைவரை இவணின்று நீக்குவோம்
செந்தமிழ் உணர்ச்சி வேல்கொண்டு தாக்குவோம்

பண்டைப்பெரும் புகழ் உடையாமோ? இல்லையா?
பாருக்கு வீரத்தை சொன்னோமா இல்லையா!
எண்டிசை வாய்மையால் ஆண்டோமா இல்லையா?
எங்கட்கும் இங்குற்ற நரிகளால் தொல்லையா?
தமிழ் காப்போம் என்றோம், எழுந்தாரா இல்லையா?
தமிழ்க்குயிர் தரஇசைந் தாரா இல்லையா?
தமிழ்வாழ்ந் தால்தமிழர் வாழ்வார்கள் என்றோம்
தமிழர் மார்தட்டி வந்தாரா இல்லையா?

செந்தமிழ் நெஞ்சம் கொதித்ததா இல்லையா?
தில்லி நரிதான் நடுங்கிற்றா இல்லையா?
முந்தா நாள்விட்ட பிஞ்சுகள் தமிழை
முறிக்க எண்ணுதல் மடமையா, இல்லையா?
தமிழர் ஒற்றுமை நிறைந்ததா இல்லையா?
தக்கைகள் ஆட்சி சரிந்ததா இல்லையா?
தமக்குத் தமிழகம் அடிமையே என்னும்
சழக்கு மரவேர் அறுந்ததா இல்லையா?



பாலையாய் போனது மருதம்;
ஏழையாய் போனான் உழவன்;
வாழ்கை இழந்தோம் நாங்கள்;
வசதியாய் வாழ்கிறது ‘வேதியல் உரங்கள்’..!74097238

Mayan Mystery“Enough..!” might be the word you would like to shout at me , if i start to speak about the “Doomsday” and the 21.12.12,Mayan myth.

Lots of things have been written and said. Articles covering front pages talk about Mayans and the Prime stories in TV Channels talk about the Dooms day and the possibilities of the end of the world.

Yeh..! I listen your mind voice ” Then why the *** you are talking about these again?”. I have reason to write this post.

I came across a Composition of Tamil articles that came in the Tamil Magazine named “AAZHAM”, found to be very Interesting and revealed amazing mysteries.

You know what? .. “ONCE INDIANS RULED AMERICA..!”. (more…)

3 years over, after the bloody injustice happened to Eelam Tamils in the lands of Mullivaikkal. May 18 became the genocide day which will be remembered for next 1000 years by Tamil generations. No justice. No Progress. No reconciliation. No international intervention in to the Sri Lankan war genocide.

Millions of Tamils all around the world wakes up every day with an expectation to get justice for their suffering. But nothing fruitful came to the lands of Tamils. Opposite to that post war suffering are very cruel than the war period itself. International political situation has not changed a lot but The political situation of the Tamil Nadu changed a lot. Ruling party who directly supported the Final war of Sri Lanka, the DMK lost its power. Even then they claimed that they lose not because of Eelam but because Tamil people needed a change. (more…)

What would you do, if you see in front of your eyes 3000 innocent people of your country are killed through an act of terror. You shed tears. You feel anger. You want to respond back with a much bigger disaster in the lands of those terrorist. Well fine. What if you have killed millions of innocent people in the lands of those “ suspected terrorist” who were suspected to be involved in the such a cruel attack. Is that right according to you?

But i will remind you that those are suspected terrorist not a proven one.I am talking about the 9/11 attack in the US, which made the NATO forces to go on boots in the lands of Afghanistan to put an end to the Al Qaeda and its allies. And finally they have proven they are much more cruel than Al Qaeda. (more…)

Pick up a news paper we can find at least one or two murders in a single page. We are not bothered much about it, because we are used to it. But the recent silence on systematic and state sponsored genocide in various parts of the world, raises questions about civilization’s maturity of humans in our planet.

It happened in some parts of Latin America, and of course in Iraq, Afghanistan. Then very recently and close to our heart Eelam genocide, but the Mass murders and state sponsored terrorism became very usual and this new political ideology makes these a way of life. The very reason why the allied forces all over the world stood to fight against Hitler’s Nazi forces is not available today,because of  the so called international diplomatic relationships. Yes! for that unavoidable diplomatic ties between nations, we find the necessaryUN (united nations) as UNnecessary in very crucial times. (more…)

So far our understanding of the concept ‘entrepreneurship’ is not right. We think it as an alternative plan , when the economy does not offer wealthy jobs. It is a common perception that if my father is a business person and he runs a business of his own then the ultimate choice that the society sets for the me is entrepreneurship.

But it is not as simple as we think. It is not merely starting a business, just running it to make a profit. Entrepreneurship is a lot more than that. One organization that helped us to realize this is National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN). My recent visit to Bangalore for NEN kick starting entrepreneurial campus  gave a lot of insights in to the topic. (more…)