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Pick up a news paper we can find at least one or two murders in a single page. We are not bothered much about it, because we are used to it. But the recent silence on systematic and state sponsored genocide in various parts of the world, raises questions about civilization’s maturity of humans in our planet.

It happened in some parts of Latin America, and of course in Iraq, Afghanistan. Then very recently and close to our heart Eelam genocide, but the Mass murders and state sponsored terrorism became very usual and this new political ideology makes these a way of life. The very reason why the allied forces all over the world stood to fight against Hitler’s Nazi forces is not available today,because of  the so called international diplomatic relationships. Yes! for that unavoidable diplomatic ties between nations, we find the necessaryUN (united nations) as UNnecessary in very crucial times. (more…)


I was studying in school when the 9/11 incident happened. It was not clear what happened in US that time? Who was involved in it? All my friends asked me the same question that Muslims all around the world, have to answer for non Muslim brothers.

Does Islam preaches to kill non Muslims? I was not completely aware of my religion or the international politics involved in it.

Once i understood the happenings in the society in the name of religion it became must for me, that i should answer for that question and make our non Muslim brothers aware of Politics in the name of religion and make them feel free to speak with Muslims. Then i was searching for various sources or talks that was given about 9/11 incident, to find an answer to that question.

One such a talk I saw was, Dr.Zakir Naik’s explanation for the same question from a Hindu brother in an international Islamic conference. Zakir Naik’s answer was very scientific and analytical. He answered with the facts provided by various American professors and scientist.

I feel now, it is worth sharing that in this blog. (more…)

It is always interesting to seek answer for the GOD question.

It is not only happening in this generation, but people from hundreds and thousands of years ago have started to seek the answer for the doubts about the divine thing and super power in various parts of the world.

It happened in India as well. Deveiprasad chattobadyay, a well known and famous intellect author wrote a book on Indian philosophies and its transformation named ” Indian Philosophy – A popular introduction”.

Recently i finished reading that book, in a Tamil version, thinking that Indian philosophies would be difficult to read , if i go with my mother tongue it would be easy to understand the concepts. But even then it was very tough to read and understand not because of the content and style of the book but because of the complexity of Indian philosophies.

From the authors point of vie, he says it took lot of years for our ancestors to arrive at a philosophy called ‘Justice’. They searched a lot to classify things on the basis good and bad, right and wrong. He wrote clearly the evolution of Indian philosophies with other philosophies in various parts of Greece, Rome like philosophies of Plato, etc. (more…)

It is always difficult for Non – Veg lovers to justify when a pure vegetarians question about the killing of birds and animals for food. People especially in India believe in Ahimsa, so they seriously protest against the Non Veg lovers. Because of that it is believed that in Hinduism Non vegetarian food is prohibited. But it is totally wrong in claiming Hinduism prohibits eating non vegetarian food. Especially when it comes to Non vegetarian and all people accuses Islam, because of the assumption that most of the Non Vegetarian eaters are only Muslims.

Science: Science tells us Flesh is rich in vitamins. It is the only food got complete protein. There are 23 amino acids required by the human body. Out of which 8 should be compulsorily taken from external food items. The fact is no vegetarian food gives the 8 amino acids together. But Meat gives it.

Teeth: Friends! kindly analyze the set of teeth for herbivorous animals. Cow, goat, cattle, etc. has a flat set of teeth, which is helpful for chewing leaves and plants.
When we analyze the set of teeth for carnivorous animals like lion, tiger, cheetah, etc. those are having pointing set of teeth, which are helpful for eating flesh and meet.
Take a look at our teeth style. We are omnivorous; we have both pointing teeth ad flat teeth together, which mean we are allowed to eat both the food by almighty God.

Digestive system: If we check the digestive system of herbivorous animals, it can only digest vegetarian food. Similar is for carnivorous animals, it can only digest meat and flesh. But we humans have both small intestine and large intestine to eat and digest both the vegetarian food and non vegetarian food. (more…)


The most unforgivable thing in any religion is classification of people by their birth. Every individual in this world has equal rights and they should be allowed to live with dignity as any other human beings in this world. In India we have different religions. Each religion has different caste and spread almost in all levels. In the recent years questions have been raised by social reformists to abolish caste at least in official and government level.

So in this context, it is necessary that we have to make ourselves clear and convey the true perspectives of all religions with respect to caste system. Here I would like to discuss the perspectives of Islam and Hinduism with reference to this. (more…)

George Thompson tells the untold story of


These days of economic crisis and government failure seriously question the sustainability of Capitalist economic structure. The socialist stresses the need of having communist ideology like Marxism and Leninism. The question of god and religion plays a greater role in social transformation and upliftment. People who fight for the cause of society always feel religion is the most important hindrance in bringing people to fight for the social cause. True! To a greater extent. But thinking like that and acting against by excluding those who belief in god will not give a fruitful result. Even it will show the people working for social change to be anti religious and enemies of not one religion but all religion.

In this period of religious fights and communal disharmony, the need for understanding religion is important to all of us, to both believers and atheist. Intra religion understanding and accepting the false things in one’s religion is very important for us, as a literate people. George Thompson speaks mostly about Christianity with reference to economic development of human race.

Opposite stands of Religion and science:  In early days of human race development, man was very poor in knowledge; he doesn’t have any idea about the nature and how to control it. He believed some unknown force or power controls the happenings of the earth and nature, man cannot understand it by analyzing it but he can control that force by devotion and rituals like sacrificing some human or animals.

So he did it. He named that superpower as GOD. And all the idea of devotion and control was named as Religion. (more…)