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logo_nen Fredrick Engels said

” A pinch of action is better than tons of theory..!”. Its absolutely true ! I realized it.

Past few weeks, I was busy..!

Hey.. seriously..! look at my last update..! I did it some weeks back. You might ask me the question. Why so..? All because of our journey into Entrepreneurship.

NEN E week was celebrated in our college – 9th to 16th February. The whole week was a celebration of entrepreneurship by inspiring people to become entrepreneur. All were involved in the work (At least in the paper ;P).

Myself too..! On what..? I am the coordinator (one of the!) of the Short Film Event held on February 14th (?!?!). Realized the happiness of Teamwork. The program was a success. That’s how we think.! (more…)


We see them everywhere. Either being in a very intolerable unhygienic condition or begging. some of us give money, but most of us do not care about them. Even we blame them, shout at them. Hate them. And stop the argument by saying because of them, India is not growing. Because of people like them our country is in very poor condition. But friends think once , and analyze the cause for their poor existence. who has to be blamed. We or they?

I said ‘We’ to represent those who are not in those conditions. Given with all luxurious things like food, shelter, education, health care, etc. I am mentioning these as luxury from their point of view. Ask you a question where they are from? Are they not our people? do they not have any right for a basic dignified living? the answer lies between you and me. (more…)

World has agreed,  without the support and participation of the Asian brothers, ‘India and China’ nothing fruitful is going to happen in the world economic growth. Not only in terms of population but also in terms of rising consumption from these economies favors a huge market for the imperialistic Multinational companies (MNC’s).

Today, Economics is the mask that the nations use to show their political power. Gone are the days that countries were in need of Guns and Tankers to make another resourceful country to be controlled for their political benefits and their people welfare. Super power do not even bother to get that at the cost of lives of so many poor people in the colonial countries. From Great Britain to United states of America, nothing found to differ in their Imperialistic approach. (more…)