A hot sunny Sunday! It is around 12.00 pm now. I am sitting in my bed, thinking about something strange, as usual.

“Extra terrestrial intelligence” (ET)!

Somewhere in your life, if you are happened to read something about Mayans, Pyramids, crop circles, stone Hench, UFO, etc you might have come across ET, at least as a movie.

Spare a little time to know about the most interesting matter that humans trying to know on universe.

We humans have come a long way in our planet. We have seen and understood so much during the phases of our evolution. We have traced our origin starting from big bang theory to present day super dynamism in the universe. Our universe was born 12 million years ago, our solar system 5 million years ago; our human originated as Homo erectus before 100000 years ago, our great ancestors Neanderthal men originated only 4000 years ago.

Within these 4000 years of short history, we are able to reach to the mars. By sending “curiosity” (spaceship sent by NASA in 2012) we are able to check the possibility of life over there. But in earth, are we really aware about everything that happens around us? If our answer is yes, then we have understood very little about the level of scientific advancements around us. No doubt, we are far better than our ancestors, but we knew very little about everything that happens around us. Science today is not about finding what is beyond Pluto. Our research today is focused on NANO and quantum physics. Findings in these fields, give new understanding of our assumption on how things work in universe. Initially we were understanding universe as two dimensional; today we are trying out with three dimensional. Theories having fourth dimension as ‘Time’ are progressing. String theories understand the universe most dynamic than Albert Einstein’s explanation about universe structure. New theories say there are at least 11 dimensions around us. Like 3D, there are 11Ds. With all these things happening around, what is the scope of extra terrestrial intelligence or simply Aliens on universe?  Do we have Evidence of their existence?

Yes. There are so many strong proofs of Alien’s visits and their interactions with humans in the past and in the present. But why they are not revealed widespread among the common man?

It’s so simple that, the superior bodies on earth, ‘governments’ have no answer on aliens. Where they exists, why they visits, etc. Governments fear if those are officially revealed to the citizens, they will lose power on us.

Remember 2012! It was a very interesting year for all of us. The end ofMayan calendar and astrological change in the solar system, have made us to fear, that the Judgment day has come. At that time, searching answers for those questions I have read at first about Mayans and I was surprised about their knowledge and proof of their connections with aliens. Various proofs as arts in their lands shows that aliens visits their place from space that too in spaceships which we name as UFOs (un identified flying objects). Not only Mayans, the pyramids of Egypt, crops circles around the world, stone Hench of England, and our temples tombs are all found to be proofs of sky people.

In one of the pictures taken in pyramid, it was found that a signal passed on from the center of the pyramid to some unknown object on sky. All these are confirmed as not technical camera works or Photoshop works of humans. Archeological studies say that pyramids were built 5000 years ago, but the Pharaoh Kings were ruling it before 2000 years ago. Only in their period mummies were buried inside. If so, then what is the actual reason for pyramids? Who built them? If humans, it would have really taken some thousand years to finish it. But it was not built for so longer period. Somebody would have guided humans, Aliens?

Stone Henge is popular. Sometime in our desktop wallpaper it appears. It is located in an isolated place in England. Stone Henge also has the same construction myth like Egypt’s pyramids. Now see these crop circles.

stone henge

There are around 10000 crop circles in the world. Once crop circles became popular among people, some multinational companies created their own crop circles for their brand advertisements. So few crop circles are purely man made, but the others? A notable fact is that all these crop circles are made in lands nearer to those sky symbols like stone Hench, pyramids, etc.

Live evidences, pictures, video recordings show the making of crop circles by spaceships within few minutes. Those UFO were seen in various parts of the world creating crop circles. But the most popular UFO visit recorded in ROSEVILLE (USA) and in BELGIUM. NASA, without any conclusion, feared to reveal the Roseville incident to citizens of America, but when pressure mounted they said a humorous story to their people, that it was not UFO but a Russian spy balloon sent to spy the US army. People were not ready to accept it; people believed their eyes. Today ROSEVILLE brands herself as a UFO city.


The case of Belgium is totally opposite. A triangular shaped UFO was found deliberately very lower in the skies of Belgium city. Millions of people stood eyewitness. There were around 16000 registrations have come officially about the UFO eyewitness. The Belgium government was open enough to show it to the world through a UFO documentary program in their government television, for which NASA gave no denial.

Belgium UFO visit was not as complex as Roseville. It appeared for around 30 minutes on sky, army’s F1 aircrafts tried to reach nearer to UFO, but F1 engines stopped working when it neared the UFO. Suddenly in lights speed UFOs disappeared on sky. Roseville incident is very interesting one. People did not see flying UFO but they saw UFO parts around the place, and shockingly four alien bodies nearer to it. Then further analysis said that three were dead and one found to be alive (!!).

Alien dead bodies and the alien who was alive were then taken to the most secured and dangerous place on the earth “Area 51”, the so called extra terrestrial research place of US. The questions are still unanswered that whether UFO crashed with each other or they both were fighting each other.

The governments all around the world, who deny the existence of aliens, spend most of their money in a space research programme named “Search for extra terrestrial intelligence” (SETI) with the leadership of United States through NASA. Why they are investing such a huge amount of people’s wealth on these, because scientists believe that aliens exists. But they have no clue on where they are from and what they do coming here.

In search of ET, a scientist from US sent a digital codified radio frequency message to MI3, a place where galaxies look very close and nearer in the universe. Probability of living being in such a place is more, so a message was sent to that place and believed to reach in 25000 light years. If a reply is sent by someone from there, it will take 25000 more years to reach our planet. But surprisingly within 11 years a crop circle made in England is exactly the reply for the above said message. A message about 50000 years travelling reached within 11 years duration. How is that possible? Scientist then found a convincing answer from Einstein’s theory for this as well.

He was the one who coined black hole in universe. Likewise he framed two other holes: white hole and warm hole. According to him universe is a warm like structure, in which there is a hole connects both the end, through which one can travel if we are able to attain the light speed of travelling. So scientist believed that this particular message from alien sent and received through wormhole. They don’t have any other better answer for it.

Invariably all the crop circles are involved as fractional mathematics diagrams. But few crop circles like the one we discussed above are peculiar, like picture of human, pie value circles, photo of alien, horse structures, etc. World is shocked with a crop circle looked like a passport size photo of alien with a CD attached with it. Fear arouse around the Scientist community when they digitalized the picture and studied the message written on the CD. It has the following message,

But to whom this message is sent? About whom it alerts? No idea even today.

During 1870, a girl found out a differently looking skull of a child in her village mountain side. From the appearance itself one can identify it was not human skull. DNA test of the skull revealed that it is not matching with the any human. Not even one percent. But further analysis revealed a surprising thing to the world, the mother of that child was a human but the father is an alien. They named it as star child.

So far we have seen things which proved the existence of aliens. But as a normal human we have a question that, does all these are scientifically possible?

Science is always progressing. We discover new things every moment and try to understand our universe much better. But with the already available theories of physics and other fields, one can conclude that aliens are highly possible to exist in universe. There are two possibilities available with us. One possibility is aliens from another planet; other is aliens from our own planet. Let’s see one by one.

Do you remember that science says our universe born 12 million years ago, and our solar system formed 5 million years ago? An additional thing to be noted down is, ours is third generation planet on the universe. So there are first and second generation planets on the universe as well. Our evolution happened in the past 4000 years. Our advancement in science and technology happened only in the past few hundred years.

Now think in this way, with a few hundred years of scientific advancement itself, we are able to reach out mars and test the possibility of life over there. Then living beings if originated in the first and second generations planets would be much advanced than us in space technology and in everything. So there is a possibility of them coming here for some purpose. We even have supportive discoveries which can enable them to reach out such, a longer distances in the universe.

Our universe contains stars, planets, asteroids, some gases and dark matter. Dark matter covers the 90% of the universe. If we discover the right way of using dark matter, then a teaspoon of dark matter will help to fuel the entire world. Such a powerful substance is available in universe. Now some living things in the first or second generation planets for so long years of existence will be able to find the ways of using that dark matter, can easily make plenty of trips within the universe in their spaceships. The speed of UFO that’s been recorded so far proves their travelling efficiency.

The second option available is somewhat technical. Today we are capable of looking at things in three dimensional. There is another dimension that science has added is ‘Time’. If in universe we are able to travel in time, we can possibly go to the past and the future. That is possible through time machines. If time machines are available in future, they can easily go to their past which is our present. So this method says that aliens are none other than humans who come from future to present to see their ancestors. Then they should look human, right? Why they look different then? The answer is available in the present day science itself.

In his evolution theory Charles Darwin says that, human parts which are useful will be kept and which are not useful will be diminished and which are required will be created as the requirement of nature over the time of evolution. Once we were having tail, it is of no use for us, so it disappeared over generations. And the same way, initially humans were not having brains, we have only spinal cord, when we started to think and do, the role of brain came into place and grown to the level of current size. If we agree this happened in the past, think of the future scenario. Our physical work is nearly reduced to half in today’s world. If this scenario continues for the next 500 years, what should happen to our hands, legs, body and head? Less working hands, legs, body will not grow after certain level. More working part brain and its shell head will grow than present size. Don’t we exactly look aliens that time? So this theory says that aliens are actually humans of the future coming to the present through time machines.

You might feel it like a story of Hollywood science fiction movie. But most hollywood hit movies are made exactly with the same theme behind it. Movies like signs, ET, contact, Roseville, Independence Day, 2012, Apocalypto, Indiana Jones and the crystal skull etc are all taken with relating themes of aliens. A Tamil movie APPUCHI GIRAMAM was taken in the same theme but with south Indian cinema mix.

Much has been discussed. Isn’t it? Lots of new questions arose in our mind. Our future generations will surely find answer for it.

Friends! Human knowledge is minimal. As we say known is a drop, unknown is an ocean. We know very less about our home – earth. As the proverb says we have no clue of what is available below than 10 km underwater in the ocean. We do not have exact answer for the question whether all species originated in the earth? There are millions of unknown organisms in the world in the form of insects, birds, underwater organisms, etc. some underwater organisms like fish and some insects look similar to aliens than us.

For example, the water bear has the ability to live below 200 degree Celsius cold. As per the available theories in the world, everything created with the available environment in the world. If that is true, then water bear should have come from somewhere on space. To test this, a spaceship carried a water bear to the space and it was left unprotected by anything. So they were sure that cosmic rays will affect the water bear and then it will die. 11 days of space travel showed the water bear as dead, but when it was taken back to the earth, it became alive. How is that possible? Then researchers found out that when taken to space, water bear managed a particular system in the body to protect it from cosmic rays, when taken back here, it again changed it to the system of world. This abnormal behavior of water bear made them to come to a conclusion that the water bear does not belong to earth; it should have come from some other planet. Likewise we are not aware of millions of species on earth. Have No complete idea about them.

But one thing is very clear. All living things in this world are dependent. Each one in this world is mutually supportive. Whether it is from our planet or other planet? That is secondary. We are proud that we have sent “curiosity” to mars in search of life. At the same time are we protecting our existing home? The past 50 years of industrialization process have made our lives so easy, but what about our fellow living things on earth. We have nearly destroyed the life system of every other living thing on earth. Plants, insects, birds, animals, etc. each one has an important role to play for the very existence of planet and life.We have tripled our population in the last 20 years, more and more of deforestation, made the life pathetic for all other living things on earth, and broken biodiversity, which is very existence of the planet. Earth is rich resourceful for our needs, but it is scarce to satisfy our never ending wants.

Yesterday I have watched a documentary named “HOME”, which made me to conclude this essay in this way. Our alien question is unanswered. Our future generations may be after 200 years will get a clear cut answer. The coming generations might even have a sport with aliens as a team. Yes that is possible, but only when we keep our home as undamaged. When aliens visits earth next time let them stay here with their families, let earth be the better place to live in for all the species on universe. Remember, all have a purpose on earth. From micro bacteria to human beings, from insects to plants, from birds to animals all are assigned with a sincere job in the ecosystem. Earth is nothing but bio diversity. Let us praise earth’s diversity and let ways for other living being’s life undisturbed.

Only then we are humans, one among the species of earth. If not we are the INLAND ALIENS.! 

I have written the entire story in one sitting, so there is a possibility of content errors, so kindly leave your valuable comments to improve my discovering process.

Thanks for reading it entirely.

  1. Great work riyas. good wishings. Strange to read many things eg. like water bear. One thing strikes my mind, when we talk about alien and alien like yet to discover visible living things in this world, is there anything invisible to our eyes.

    • RIYAZ AHMED says:

      Thanks Mr. Salem researcher.! our eyes are capable of seeing some normal rays of light. rays like ultra violet or infra red are too strong to our capacity. imagine if v have Xray power in eyes, Dont v see different things around us? so our ability is very less in seeing things in this world.

  2. Kamal says:

    Excellent Narration in a lucid manner, few facts are added apart from the book

  3. Mohana priya says:

    Sir, I found this article to be very interesting.Many have told that they have seen aliens ,particularly Dr.Edgar mitchell(APOLLO 14 astronaut)said he was aware of many UFO visits to earth during his carrer with NASA, but each one was covered up by the government.
    There are many evidences for existance of aliens …as you have mentioned sir…and it is also mentioned in BIBLE ….before the birth of jesus chirst joseph had sawn other world beings (aliens)….so,there is no debate about the existance of aliens as there was lots and lots of evidences…Hope that the exact truth about aliens will be soon revealed. As you mentioned sir…”LET OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS MIGHT HAVE A SPORT WITH ALIENS AS A TEAM”

  4. Kiruthiga says:

    Hi Mr. Riyaz,
    First and foremost i wanna appreciate the way how u narrated this entire article..i know a bit about crop circles and rest, but i havent ever think about pyramids in such a way…u made me to realize how blind i was..i came to know some shocking truth via this article especially about water bear..keep up ur good work and thanks for sharing it

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