logo_nen Fredrick Engels said

” A pinch of action is better than tons of theory..!”. Its absolutely true ! I realized it.

Past few weeks, I was busy..!

Hey.. seriously..! look at my last update..! I did it some weeks back. You might ask me the question. Why so..? All because of our journey into Entrepreneurship.

NEN E week was celebrated in our college – 9th to 16th February. The whole week was a celebration of entrepreneurship by inspiring people to become entrepreneur. All were involved in the work (At least in the paper ;P).

Myself too..! On what..? I am the coordinator (one of the!) of the Short Film Event held on February 14th (?!?!). Realized the happiness of Teamwork. The program was a success. That’s how we think.!

I found the event to be little complicated, in the sense that it involves intellectual, creative and technical things to make short films. We have restricted the duration of the short film to be 5-7 min (?!). Within that time they have to convey their message in the movie on the theme ” Innovating for India”.

Difficult..! Is isn’t it?

But they did! We got Entries from Schools, Polytechnics, Engineering colleges..! Some from professionals as well..!

Surprisingly one entry came from Canada..!

All was well..! All because of the team “Arjun Nivas, Deepika Deepi, Pranavmoorthy, Padmapriya, Shanmugapriya, Kamalakannan, Sahaya Jayaraj, Senthilnathan, Hariharan and Prof. Samlinson”

No effort goes waste..!

Our college got “E Week India 2013 Debut Champion..!”

Sitting relaxed and happy..! In the whole effort we contributed our part…



  1. deepikaa,padmapriya,nandhini says:

    all credits goes to u u u u u u u u u u u u uuuuuu ly sir:)

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