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Posted: December 19, 2012 in Beautiful People
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Director-Bala-Rare-Photos-www-lateststills-com-2-300x300We will leave the issue, whether world will end or not, because it is not that much an easy predictable thing even for scientist.

Lets stop talking about that, because if we know the death date, then our life will become hell. Look back the history millions and millions of people were born and dead. Only very few persons are recorded in history and very very few live as a history.

I started to read about those people and their autobiographies and biographies, they all similar in one thing. All their lives were not different from the common man, but they were identical in their approach to the problems they encountered. They were brave and focused.

The last biography i read was about Director.Bala,. Bala is not a tough name to identify in the Indian cine industry. His movies Sedhu, Nandha, Pithamagan, Naan kadavul, Avan Ivan were spoken in the international stage.

ivanthan-bala-500x500The book named “Ivan thaan Bala” was actually sequences of articles written in Vikatan magazine about him by Bala himself. Now its composed and published as an autobiography.

Really touched my heart. so will yours. Not only his film but this book also has twist and turn, not as a story but as his life history. His movies always speak about the humanity and human rights and feelings. So is his book.

His heroes are always a road side characters, he was once roaming like that. That’s why he was able to bring out the feelings and stories behind those forbidden people on earth.

You will ask me a question. Then how was it possible for him to move from nowhere to the Star director of Indian cinema? Every human have turning points.? Lots of people miss it. Very few grasps the hand and come up and up in the ladder. Want to know who is responsible for making an ordinary Bala into a successful director. He first named Poet. Arivumathi, a well known name in the Tamil literature, Eelam Political and social activities.

Bala with Arya in Naan Kadavul Set.

Bala with Arya in Naan Kadavul Set.

Not only him, Director. Balumahendra, Mrs.Balumahendra, Sivakumar, Vikram, Surya and the list goes short.

Its a good read,  for those who wants to explore things from others life. I found ito to be a good choice.

I trust in these lines, ” Its good to learn from our mistakes, but It is wise to learn from other people mistakes”. Biographies wil give you that.

Poet. Arivumathi’s first advice for bala is to read books, Bala did. The rest is simply a inspiring history.

Wishing him for his upcoming movie “Paradesi”..! Much  more to explore, read the book it if you get a chance.

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Bala for Paradesi.!

Bala – Making Paradesi.!

  1. Waiting for Paradesi movie.

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