BOOK REVIEW: The World Crisis – The Way Forward After Iraq

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Books & Movies
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What will happen if 19 statesmen start to discuss about the international political relations. Hard to imagine . But one thing is easy to realize, they will not come to any conclusion. These Nineteen men who were and are in higher position in their respective governments of US and UK, speaks openly on various issues and faults of their governments.

That’s something brave and to be appreciated for, because it is not that easy to talk about the government policies. Yes they are not the first to question things but people who questioned are not available and people don’t know where they are. This book is a great attempt by honest people.

As rightly said somewhere in the book, the time line divides world history is BC and AD, but after 9/11 things have changed that much, in the sense we can refer world history as Before 9/11 and after 9/11. We know the brutal attack in the US, but what happened afterward? Us with its NATO mask destroyed the livelihood of Afghanistan and then in IRAQ for a fake reason.

Who created Osama? Who is responsible for Al-Qaeda? the world knows it better. It is the US for her political purpose, did that. It even pressurized the Arab countries importantly Saudi Arabia to fund for the operations of Osama to fight the Soviet troops. History recorded everything.

This is what the book deals with. Each chapter are authored by different statesmen. So each one concentrates on one particular area of their importance. Starting from Diplomatic US – UK relations to Israel -Palestine problems to Afghanistan – IRAQ war everything is dealt in a very clear and extraordinary way. From Jimmy Carter to Henry Kissinger, authors really contributed their great intellect  in the book. Thanks for Robert Harvey for editing it and publishing as a book.

Very sensitive information about the Post IRAQ war diplomatic relationships. Questions like what is there for UK to join hands with US as NATO force, since there is nothing happened in UK by Al Qaeda or any Islamic extremist –  gets an applause. Contradicting that UK’s most important problem regarding the Irish separatist group armies are funded by international networks in which the major part is paid by US.

It is made clear that the Cold war relationships still exist and UK troops are paying heavy prices because of being with US side for nothing. Good question but UK should respond with a clarifying answer not to us or US but to their own citizens. Because the money they spend on the war field belong to the tax payers.

Good book to read only if you have a prior knowledge on the international political scenarios in the past and present.

Good work Harvey..!

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  1. Hey, you have made me want to read this book. And that is the way to review a book. Very well done 🙂

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