Happiness is a Pursuit.. Says Mr.Will Smith

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Books & Movies

I know the film. But i have not watched the movie fully. It was an act of negligence. Known Negligence. I regret for that at this moment. “The Pursuit of HappYness” is not just a film. Its about a life. About the fact that Happiness is not a thing to achieve but it is a process to be pursued always in our life. As the tag line of this blog goes Connect the Dots because your experience Good or Bad has made what you are. Every second in life teaches us something new what we don’t know.

Every individual would have experienced the situation that Will smith pass through in this film.From getting our first job to landing in a difficult situation. Facing the broken relationships. More than that, Money and Finance. I cant write that feelings i got when i watched the movie. Frequently comparing my life situations with the scenes of will smith. Not exactly as stock broker or so but , in past we all were hurt by someone for something, we event felt badly for that, it even still remains in our mind as a scare.

This movie bring you the reality that problems are common among each human beings, the way of handling differs among people that take them up or down in their life. Learned a lot from the movie.

I still remember the dialogue which the trainer speak at the beginning of the training session to will smith and 19 other interns.

It goes like this…

Some of you are here because you know somebody. Some of you are here because you think you are somebody. There’s one guy here who’s gonna be ‘somebody’. That person gonna be the guy.. who can turn this into this….

The eternal truth remains ” SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST”.!

Last not the least…Jaden Smith rocks..!

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