3 years over, after the bloody injustice happened to Eelam Tamils in the lands of Mullivaikkal. May 18 became the genocide day which will be remembered for next 1000 years by Tamil generations. No justice. No Progress. No reconciliation. No international intervention in to the Sri Lankan war genocide.

Millions of Tamils all around the world wakes up every day with an expectation to get justice for their suffering. But nothing fruitful came to the lands of Tamils. Opposite to that post war suffering are very cruel than the war period itself. International political situation has not changed a lot but The political situation of the Tamil Nadu changed a lot. Ruling party who directly supported the Final war of Sri Lanka, the DMK lost its power. Even then they claimed that they lose not because of Eelam but because Tamil people needed a change.

But in reality world knows what made them step out from the chair. Unconditional support for the central government still affects the reputation of the DMK from their own party members itself. Know they realized its time to act positive on the problem. So came the idea of taking back the TESO ( Tamil Eelam supporters Organization) tool again after throwing it in to the garbage when they were ruling.

True supporters of the Tamil Eelam people respected Nedumaran, Kolathur Mani, Seeman, May 18 movement Thirumurugan blasting the idea of TESO conference. Not only Tamil Nadu leaders but Mr. Sivanthan who is on hunger strike till the Olympic ends gave his response in Puthiyathalamurai TV that no more help needed from DMK and its congress allies.

Unexpected by DMK and its leadership congress also prohibited using the name Tamil Eelam in the conference title. Crack politicians. Then conference will be ‘SO’ Supporters organization.  Whose supporters organization.? Congress supporters organization. What a political acumen these people are having.? I would suggest them to go and take their own time and come back with another good idea.

But let them keep in mind, whatever idea they bring to re position themselves in the name of Tamil representatives, there are millions of youngsters who will work against their idea of gaining political strength.Past is past. Lost is lost. No way they can come back. They have miscalculated and forget to notice that not all the Tamil youths are standing in front of TASMAC. Not all the Tamil Youths are standing in front of cinema theaters to call someone as ‘Thalaivar’. There are some like Muthukumar, Abdul Rahoob, Sengodi , Sivanthan, etc who are enough to stand the political battle field of State, National, International politics.

In short, my sincere advice is to Keep Quite, and as usual sleep well. Remember that’s what you did while in Power..!

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  1. Balachandar K says:

    DMK thinks people are sleeping. There are furious youngster against which they need to realize.

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