What would you do, if you see in front of your eyes 3000 innocent people of your country are killed through an act of terror. You shed tears. You feel anger. You want to respond back with a much bigger disaster in the lands of those terrorist. Well fine. What if you have killed millions of innocent people in the lands of those “ suspected terrorist” who were suspected to be involved in the such a cruel attack. Is that right according to you?

But i will remind you that those are suspected terrorist not a proven one.I am talking about the 9/11 attack in the US, which made the NATO forces to go on boots in the lands of Afghanistan to put an end to the Al Qaeda and its allies. And finally they have proven they are much more cruel than Al Qaeda.

The interesting thing is even US have some unproven reason to strike the lands of Afghanistan, but what about UK? They are no were connected to it. None of its national interest are under pressure because of the rise of radical Islamist extremist in the lands of Afghanistan. Then why should they be involved in the Afghan and Iraq war? Just to reveal to the world they are close allies with the US. But it is bad for the internal security of the nation. No single attack was happened in the lands of UK because of the so called Islamic extremists.

The situation, as the US say is much more complex than the period of Cold war or the two world wars. Because in the world wars or during the time of cold war the opponents are very clear. Either you join this side or that side, even the non allied countries were strictly complied with international regulations. Bush’s ‘War on Terror’ and their preventive use of weapons creates much complex conditions in the international politics. To be very specific it separates their friends and groups the enemies.

If my understanding is right, the suspected act of terror of  Bin Laden is the right reasons to generate sympathy in the global mindset which eventually allow the NATO in the name of preventive attack can strike the innocent people claiming they are again suspected to be terrorist. But the reasons which US and its allies shown did not hold to true. World have understood it and the US,UK allies are still not enjoying the sympathy of the world.

Let them name whatever they want. How can a country which calls herself as a global leader responsible to maintain peace in all parts of the world can rely only on the arms not on peace talks?

The history reveals that when more and more pressure from foreign invasion in the lands of Afghans the more will be their resistance. Russia understood it long back. The size of the NATO forces today fights in the lands of Afghanistan is comparatively much less than the Russians forces invasion during 80’s. They failed miserably and its a lesson which the US and UK should seriously learn.

More the military, more will be the people resistance. Because after all it is their land not yours even though we miserably need peace in that, they are the ones who should decide on that. Right to live with dignity should be the foremost elements of any political moves, whether within nation or international that makes no difference.

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