It was a great time; reading with a focus of delivering something good to the students. As a professor specialized (??) in finance, it always gives immense pleasure in teaching students whatever I know. First day of the third semester, lot to be done but it should be exciting and interesting to the students when you speak about the subject. Mine is a finance subject, so it is obvious that I speak shares, GDP, etc. Not only about India but this time I wanted t talk about Nepal as well. Not only Indian economic figures but also about Nepalese figures too.Kathmandu is the Nepal capital.

It was interesting to know that Nepalese currency is pegged with Indian Rupee for 1 INR = 1.60 NPR (Nepalese rupee). Thirty minutes went like this, and then I looked at the watch only to realize that I was not reading about the economics of Nepal but about the kingdoms of Nepal, to be very specific I was reading about the Shah dynasty. I was wondering to look back the world history, that all the kingdoms invariably destroyed by the black sheep and the trusted persons of the kingdoms. The end of shah dynasty conveys this very common fact of the history. It was a great shock to know about the Mass massacre of kingdom which killed most of the true royal people of the shah dynasty.

Prince Dipendra of Nepal (First from Left)

Stories and reports submitted by the officials after the massacre were not accepted by the Nepalese people. And from then the civil war became very cruel. “Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev” the name still remains in my memory. A person of Royal family killed all other kingdom people and took crown by just putting the blame on Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev who was also killed in the palace massacre. The story goes like this Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev was drunk at the time of the massacre; he had a problem within his family in marrying his loved one Devyani Rana , drunken Dipendra shoot all the members of the family and himself leaving Gyanendra’s family with minor injuries.

As usual as all the story goes Gyanendra was not there at that time. One who reads all the details can easily understand the links between al those events. It was not accidental but found to be planed execution of Gyanendra. And of course then the in-depth analysis, shown some witness deliberately acknowledging a fact that Dipendra was dead even before their family members were shot dead. Then who shoot the family members? Fake Dipendra. Here comes as usual the role of CIA of US and most importantly the RAW (research Analysis wing of India).

With the help and direction of CIA and RAW, Gyanendrta sent a masked men like Dipendra and killed everyone letting his wife and son escape with minor injuries. Power shifted to different hands. Today Nepal is Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal . All are equal, No Shah. No Rana. No Massacre. Every country has a history. Every kingdom a black sheep to wrap the power game. Learnt a lot about Nepal politics than economics and its time to prepare for lecture; if you know more about this keep us updated. Want to read more about it.

Mother and Motherland are Greater than Heaven



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