Pick up a news paper we can find at least one or two murders in a single page. We are not bothered much about it, because we are used to it. But the recent silence on systematic and state sponsored genocide in various parts of the world, raises questions about civilization’s maturity of humans in our planet.

It happened in some parts of Latin America, and of course in Iraq, Afghanistan. Then very recently and close to our heart Eelam genocide, but the Mass murders and state sponsored terrorism became very usual and this new political ideology makes these a way of life. The very reason why the allied forces all over the world stood to fight against Hitler’s Nazi forces is not available today,because of  the so called international diplomatic relationships. Yes! for that unavoidable diplomatic ties between nations, we find the necessaryUN (united nations) as UNnecessary in very crucial times.

Man is bundled with differences, that makes each one us to be unique and identify each other. But that differences itself has become a threat to the entire humanity at present. You call it in US style ‘War against terror’, Indian style ‘Red Terror’, or Jihad or Anti Jihad. No matter who ever win the game, it is sure that some one is going to die. Be it a Palestine child by the bullets of the Israeli soldier or Artillery of the Sinhalese army in the heads of innocent Tamil Eelam kids, death is for sure.

Where are we going as Humans? What is our problem? Differences?? I remember a quote from the Holy Quaran, that God said “Oh Human! I have created you with differences not to despise and fight with each other, but to recognize yourselves”. Be it a Muslim, christian, Jew, Buddhist, or Hindu , no scriptures gives rights to any of these groups to kill innocent human beings.

Thousands of Rohingyas Muslims have been killed by Burma/Myanmar. It was not published by Mainstream medias

You might wonder why am i discussing this at this point of time. From my Facebook page i came to know the Muslim genocide that happens in Myanmar. In this second, when you are reading this blog post, some innocent Muslim  children are killed by the Buddhist stat sponsored terror. During this days of Ramzan, Muslims in Myanmar are buried in mass graves. Not for a complex reason, but for the simple things that they are minority people in that country.

Now a days i lost trust in the Buddha. He have not created a sustainable structure for his followers. He taught not kill any thing. But in the name of Buddha, genocide is becoming fashion. May 18 of the Eelam war was the proof of it. When we are talking about the sufferings of the Tamil people in concentration camps, it is revealed not by the main stream media that Muslim genocide is taking place in Myanmar.

I fed up hearing all these things. That’s why i titled this post as “It’s Better. Use those WMD’s”. Instead of dyeing day by day, if we use Weapons of Mass destruction (WMD) – Nuclear weapons our souls will rest in peace within a second… Let those diplomatic politicians live in this world and at least make it a better place to live in at least in the future.

I don’t know how to stop. How to complete this article. Because i am writing this to find out what you feel. And of course sharing is important for sad things than Happy moments..!

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