So far our understanding of the concept ‘entrepreneurship’ is not right. We think it as an alternative plan , when the economy does not offer wealthy jobs. It is a common perception that if my father is a business person and he runs a business of his own then the ultimate choice that the society sets for the me is entrepreneurship.

But it is not as simple as we think. It is not merely starting a business, just running it to make a profit. Entrepreneurship is a lot more than that. One organization that helped us to realize this is National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN). My recent visit to Bangalore for NEN kick starting entrepreneurial campus  gave a lot of insights in to the topic.

More things revealed when we ourselves did the activity of selling something as a team activity. Felt the fire in the belly. Realized that entrepreneurship is all about Freedom and value. To succeed economically in life one has to be an entrepreneur. That does not mean that you need to start a business. Contradicting the conventional wisdom, entrepreneurship is a set of skills that has to be there with all of us, not necessary that one has to own and run a company , it can happen even when you work for an organization.

That entrepreneurial spirit is necessary for progressive growth in our life. But all of us would not have that skills naturally, of course like any other skills it can be taught and learned. NEN supports one in identifying an developing the entrepreneurial skills. With lots of fun and tons of energy, three day workshop have really tinkered our thoughts. It inspired ourselves to acquire the required entrepreneurial skills.

It might look that i have misspelled the word entrepreneurship as entreprendre in the title . But it is an etymological explanation that the word entrepreneur is derived from the French word entreprendre which means ” undertakes or manages”. So a manager should first be an entrepreneur personally.

Gone are the days when Entrepreneurship was considered as an alternative plan for a well paid job. But today it is all about convergence. Nothing is alone. Nothing is unconnected. World is interconnected with everything. Even ideologies and beliefs are started to converge. Entrepreneurship is not only for owning business, it is a collective wisdom and skills that sets a man to go ahead in life with thrilling experience and creating something valuable.

Now the time has come, Entrepreneurship, is the next big word that going to rule this millennium.  As Karl Marx said Change is the only thing that cant be changed.

It time that the job seekers should turn as job makers..!

Lessons learned well with NEN’s help… Waiting to kick start the mission in our college campus.

In short Bangalore NEN workshop was a Mission entreprendre..!


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