We see them everywhere. Either being in a very intolerable unhygienic condition or begging. some of us give money, but most of us do not care about them. Even we blame them, shout at them. Hate them. And stop the argument by saying because of them, India is not growing. Because of people like them our country is in very poor condition. But friends think once , and analyze the cause for their poor existence. who has to be blamed. We or they?

I said ‘We’ to represent those who are not in those conditions. Given with all luxurious things like food, shelter, education, health care, etc. I am mentioning these as luxury from their point of view. Ask you a question where they are from? Are they not our people? do they not have any right for a basic dignified living? the answer lies between you and me.

Once they were having lands and they were doing a profitable agriculture and satisfied their needs with dignity. But the so called economic policies of our “Corporatocratic India” killed their future and forced them to come to town likes ours which is also incapable of employing so many people. so they do not bother to live in slums and struggle every day for their meager existence.

Slumdog millionaire

They roam around the cities not for money but for a job. They protest not to give anything like freebies but a hopeful future for their children. with all statistical analysis and economic data we conclude that the GDP for this year will reach X % or Y%. The so called experts like Planning commission will set up bench marks for poverty. They say that a man in India can satisfy the basic needs with less than Rs30 everyday.

Ask them live with that meager amount a single day. The idea is just to alter the statistical figure and proudly confirm in the corporatocratic media that Indian is growing. Growth should be equitable and it should be inclusive. Rich and poor difference should demolish. But ours is a country which shows a wide gap between the two. When Mukuseh Ambani constructs worlds most expensive house for him and gifts a private jet for his wife on her birthday, millions of people die for hunger in this aspiring super power.

When government gives all support to take care of the debt ridden Vijay mallaya’s United Breweries, there are millions of people starves not just for food but also for education and healthcare. If In a country Education and health care is not available for every one equally , it is not necessarily to be called as country.

Answers for all these questions are with us. Unless and until we awake and spread equality, surely one day will come, sooner or later you and i will stand in the same Que for the same reason. Because our societal, economical and political set up works like that.

Whatever name the world gives these people, they are actually rebels. Rebelling every day for existence. Saluting those who still send their children for education, hoping a better life at least for them.

Realize, Recognize, Rebel for the sake of Humanity.

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  1. murali says:

    gr8.. thanks for sharing,……

  2. gr8.. thanks for sharing lik this articles which make us to think a lot

  3. riyas says:

    atlast some one is writing something to read and think …

  4. Balasubramanian G says:

    Hi Riyaz,

    I read all your articles, its really inspiring… Great Job.. All the best…

  5. kino.ru says:

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    ensure that I bookmark your blog and will come back someday.
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