Billa Ajith: Thala a Eelam Refugee?

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Books & Movies, Society
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3 years over still Tamils all over the world are waiting for the justice to come, but the international community is not showing any sign of that happening in the near future. Trapped and betrayed by the ugly politics of countries whose vested interest in the lands of Sri Lanka for the economic reasons decided the fate of 1.75 lakhs people to death.

But after ‘Mullivaikkal’ Tragedy the issue was made very public at least by Humanitarians and politicians all around the world. Thanks that the world still have some people who are really humane. Few films here and there was produced, financially unsuccessful but emotionally created a greater impact on the Tamils all over the world.

The recent kollywood yet to be realsed ‘BILLA*-2’ leading character played by Ajith Kumar, revolves around the Eelam refugees. The movie is a prequel for the 2009, super hit Billa which portrays the hero as a Sri Lankan refugee , and guess the story will move on the incidents which he tackles and wins to become a international Don, David Billa.

It is accepted that the movie will be a hit, because of the Ajith’s one man show. But it would really be great if they have not touched the Eelam issue as usual like the previous films directors ( Maniratnam) without understanding the revolutionary freedom struggle of millions of Tamil people.

The only thing that is available today for those people who are suffering for the past 60 years in their motherland is to have an international inquiry into the war crimes of the Sri Lankan government. Channel 4 videos revealed the world what happened there. Because of that international community have become very involved in to the war crime inquiry, and gaining people support from all over the world.

Its high time that we should make sure, no media propaganda goes against the suffering people. Let justice been done, and the bloodshed be stopped.

Waiting eagerly to watch Billa, only if Thala not touches negatively the Eelam issue.

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