India today is said to be one of the youngest nations in the world. We have majority of the population in their teenage aspiring to make the country a better place to live in. But statistics says that our is the country stands in the toppers list of Obesity. A sad fact that we cannot ignore. These shocking facts makes it important for us to understand the functioning of our body and ways to keep ourselves fit & healthy.

Thanks to Madras Management Association,Salem (MMA) for arranging the workshop ” Educated Exercisers”, a fitness awareness programme  conducted by Gita Krishnaraj, CEO, Maverick fitness organised in Sona College of Technology,Salem. The workshop revolved around the messages about the Four Doctors, Dr.Diet – Dr.Quiet – Dr. Happiness – Dr.Movement to enrich our understanding about intellectual, emotional, mental, spiritual & Physical health of human beings.

  • Dr. Happiness: Most of us think that ‘If we do something we become happy’ but realty is we will succeed only when we do things out of happiness. There is drastic difference between the two. Our Personal , Professional , Relationship values should be followed in everything we do, Or else its sure that those personal professional relationship will not result in happiness.
  •  Dr. Diet: Our food is our everything. whatever we eat today becomes our bones, our eyes, our limbs tomorrow. Most of us are not aware that our body needs a mixture or composition of food in order make itself properly function. Too much any one food item will result in destroying the required mixture of body and lead to improper function. It is important to have a mixture of food and ensure that you chew the food properly. Remember the Chinese proverb  when you eat Chew your Water, Drink your food”.
  • Dr.Quiet:  Its humane that after 36 hours whether you like it or not you fall int sleep. Because there is an inbuilt program in our body that our nervous system takes care to repair our cells. Physiological repair will takes place between 10 pm – 2 am; Psychological repair will be performed between 2 am – 6 am; Its important to assist the body to stick to its schedule to keep us healthy. So ensure your Total rest (Sleep) – Passive rest ( Leisure activities) – Active rest ( Doing things without stress).

  • Dr.Movement:
    All those three doctors be successful only when we take care of the fourth important one. Movement. As youngsters our cells are in growing stage, so we do not have any physical problems today. But a day will come when our cells will start degeneration that if our body not properly taken care surely going to trouble us when we are aged.

We all have so many dreams that needed to be fulfilled in our lives. we are constantly chasing those dreams every single second. But keep in mind for all those good efforts Body is important. Our physical fitness is important.

Nick Vujicic, Orator, Pasteur, Financial Professional,who i always admire, born without limbs said once ” If I can do something that is successful, why cant you?”. Our body is the greatest gift that has to be taken care, because we cannot afford not to.

As Nick’s Life without Limbs to Life Without Limits, Macerick Fitness Geetha’s workshop did really helped us to realize the importance of Our Body.

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  1. Balachandar K says:

    Thanks for ur post. I missed it, yet got the info.

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