World has agreed,  without the support and participation of the Asian brothers, ‘India and China’ nothing fruitful is going to happen in the world economic growth. Not only in terms of population but also in terms of rising consumption from these economies favors a huge market for the imperialistic Multinational companies (MNC’s).

Today, Economics is the mask that the nations use to show their political power. Gone are the days that countries were in need of Guns and Tankers to make another resourceful country to be controlled for their political benefits and their people welfare. Super power do not even bother to get that at the cost of lives of so many poor people in the colonial countries. From Great Britain to United states of America, nothing found to differ in their Imperialistic approach.

Super power economies are in shambles today. Nothing they can do except to print some more money to induce artificial economic activity to maintain their economies not to show negative growth or depression. They need some one to rescue. Fortunately India is one such powerful economy to do show. only next to china. The political analyst after long discussion came to a conclusion that the next economic power will not be India or China but it will be India & China.

But, It seems Dragons are not interested to let that happen. China do not want India to come any where closer to them in terms of not only economical power but also in military and political power too. Their secret theory “String of pearls” confirms it 99%. Reuters blog describes it as

The manifestation of China’s rising geopolitical influence through efforts to increase access to ports and airfields, develop special diplomatic relationships and modernize military forces that extend from the South China Sea through the Strait of Malacca, across the Indian Ocean, and on to the Arabian Gulf .

As the statement of Reuters describes, String of pearls are the investments spots that China investments as a chain in countries in touching Indian ocean, Bay of Bengal, and Arabian sea for having a political domination in those areas which restricts or hindrances the growth of India. Even-though China and its strategic partners like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan etc claims that investments are purely for commercial purpose but most of the political analyst all over the world belief that china wants to control the rise of India and its role in the Asian sub continent.

But looking the bad response from India and no counter strategies formed to encounter the China threat, reveals the confusing state of the Indian coalition politics that prevails in the central government and state governments. To mention a case to reveal the bad foreign policy of the Indian government, it is better to look at the Fisherman Issue in Tamil Nadu.

No clear policies. Crisis of Leadership.!

Its High time for Indians to understand the International Politics and act accordingly..

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