Most of us like Traveling. That too if it is a kind of excursion then we feel great. The habit of recording what you see in diaries will help us feel back the joyfulness of the journey at anytime in the future. Such a diary which if speak about the journey which made an ordinary man who was a medical student in to a world inspiring revolutionary of this century, then it is a gift to the future generation.

Ernesto Che Guevara, A Marxist revolutionary who played a major role in the Cuban Revolution with Fidel Castro, then became a revolutionary symbol of the young generation beyond national borders, records his journey to various Latin American countries with his friend Alberto, in his friend’s motorcycle ‘La Pedrosa’. These diaries when he was known all over the world as a icon of revolution became very famous and published as a book , which we are talking about “The Motorcycle Diaries”.

Recently last year it was made as a movie named ‘Motorcycle diaries‘. This diary is a revolutionary work which made an ordinary medical student who would have become a doctor, but chosen a road not less traveled by but never it was traveled. Why so? what so special about Che? Was he the first revolutionary to take up any revolution ? The answer is simple ,No!. To be very clear he No.2 in command in the Cuban revolution only next to Fidel Castro. The important thing to be mentioned here is he is not a Cuban but his is an Argentinian. That made Che to Stand out as a international revolutionary symbol.

Why should he work for another country? why should he take part in the revolutionary work of some other national people. The answer lies in this book ‘The Motor Cycle Diaries’. In his diary he speaks about the experience that he got and the things he saw during their ride in the Latin American countries. In a poetical and with little fun he explains sufferings of the poor people in the Latin  American countries becausese of the greedy capitalism and the American Imperialism.

Poor people are not given with the basic physiological requirements, even though they work like animals in the great industrialized factories in the countries of Latin America. Those countries and their economic policies benefits only few rich people ignoring the lives of millions of poor in those countries and their welfare. During his journeys he as a doctor realizes the impact and the causes of Leprosy which affected most of the Latin American people.  He explored some more to find the causes for the poor suffering which resulted in his interest towards Marxist principles.

Not only this but a lot more to know about the Real Hero.! This book will help us to know more about the things which made an ordinary medical student in to a great revolutionary of this century. Every single line in this book give you a feeling that Che was not only a Guerilla specialist but he was a good writer and reader as well.

Reading gives Knowledge, but books like this will help to find our Humanity within ourselves.

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Its a record of journey which made Ernesto Guevara in to our “CHE”.!

Che in United Nations Assembly conducted in United States (!)

  1. I just know about Guevara a few years ago, but that time I know him as communist. A bad perception because the “punk” and “underground” people always treat him as their idol.

    Yes, he is a great man and have a great history, still I prefer Eastern Revolutionist as Confucius (China), Gandhi.

    • RIYAZ AHMED says:

      Yes. Non violence is a way of revolution struggle. But i remember Mao Tse tung, the Chinese revolutionary said ” The mode of Freedom struggle (Non Violence or Armed) is decided not by us but by the Opposition people.
      So the enemy decides which mode we actually needed to take…

  2. As what I study about Socialism, the idea of perfect world is too perfect. I believe the problem of socialist are “too perfect” or “perfectionist”. This ideology also is their biggest asset. Many people don’t see the problem of this because it was also their biggest ideology.

    Socialist always fail after they gain the power, I believe “perfectionist” is their biggest failure.

    By the way, I would like recommend you to watch a few movie (all can be watch in Youtube):
    1) Lion of The Desert (film of Umar Muktar, Libyan & Islam reformist)
    2) Confucius (A great China sage and prime minister)
    3) Red Cliff 1 & 2 (Hong Kong film based on story of “The Three Kingdom”, require subtitle in English)
    4) Luther (a story Protestant reformer- Martin Luther)

    May be you will be enlighten by different sort of thought and idea from other revolutionist of world. Try seek for ancient China, India and Middle East. Islamic revolutionist also are very good. Don’t underestimate them because they are ancient.

    Happy watching..

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