His brain was tested to explore the reasons that made the man intelligent. He was one of the most popular and controversial leader in the history of the world. Vladimir Llyich Lenina Russian communist revolutionary who made the Communism dream possible by creating Soviet Union served as the Premiere of Soviet Union. He was the one who made possible the adaptation of Marxist theories in the Underdeveloped state and from a suffering people.

Marx himself framed his theory that socialist communist revolution will  happen only in developed nation because those were the places where the income disparity and economic exclusion will make the suppressed people to raise and make an armed revolution. As per this theory of Marx Russia was not a perfect place for revolution and his theory states that that was impossible with the people in the underdeveloped state of the nation. 

Lenin made it possible. A new theory born called as “Leninism”, which serves as a guideline document  for the other followers like Mao, Trotsky, etc to frame their version of Marxism in their homelands. He is an important image in the minds of people in all generation to remember that Marxism is possible anywhere.

Born in a not wealthy family, the young years of Lenin lost its comfort when his father died. A year later, his brother was executed as per law for involving himself in Marxist principle and armed conflict following that. This made Lenin to be a responsible head of his family to take care, but he promised he is not going to follow his brother’s way, that too only not involving in the armed violence but he was sure that he will a Marxist and follow his principles.

He had a very lovely teenage as he expected with a women called Nadia, she too was involved herself in the Marxist and socialist revolution. What else a man wants if the intention of the women she likes the most is similar to his? They got married and worked towards socialist revolution throughout every day.  History of the Soviet Russia reveals that Lenin was a great politician, it was well showcased by the things he did.

As usual for all revolutionaries Lenin was shot three times by his opposers in three attempts only to fail. But his sickness led the man to death through heart attack. 21st January 1924, millions lined up to pay homage to Lenin’s body and even now that happens in 21st January of every years. His statues were dismantled  in1991 but the bloody capitalist were not succeeded in disposing his body from his homeland. That made the world to praise and remember a hero who influence the Russians, Marxist, socialist all over the world for number of decades.

By dismantling his statues from the Russian streets, capitalism ghosts  shouted in all corners of the world that socialism is not possible and communism is a false theory, but the Waxed body of the Man and his theory reveals that it is possible in all parts of the world.

Its sure that all the armed revolutions around the world against the against the economic exclusion recognises and follows him, today and Tomorrow.!

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His Legacy Continues…!

Lenin, Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx.

  1. Joseph Malcolm says:

    He ordered the murders of the Romanov family and though viewed as a hero to millions of communist around the world he was not even a sixteenth of the man the Czar was . He was a murderer and like all athiest and communist the after life changes all . RIP

    • RIYAZ AHMED says:

      I wrote this with the interest of learning a lot about lenin and Leininsm. I am planning to read in depth about him. Once i find anything disturbing as you say. then surely i will update that too. thanks for your reply…!

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