India has seen so many leaders. It is a special place that one cannot see any where in the world. India is the place where the Liberation from British colonization was lead by  one person but he gave the power to rule to some other leader. Gandhi was the one who lead the nation against British but when freedom was given he made Nehru to be the first prime minister of India. Really unique nation, in which at least in the past leaders were not fond of the power and position. History recorded it.

The one man who could be remembered for such a unique quality like Gandhi was Kumarasamy Kamaraj or simply K.Kamaraj, popularly called as King Maker of the Indian politics. Twice he got the opportunity to become the prime minister of India, but he brought Lal Bahadur Shastri and Indira Gandhi to power. That’s why he was called as the King Maker. what’s more special about him? Not one or two to detail. But after all one thing that should be remembered was Mr.Kamaraj was a great human being.

Every election in Tamil Nadu remembers his name, irrespective if what the party is they election propaganda would be that they will bring the Kamaraj ruling back in to the state. What is special about his ruling? why are these political leaders use his name for greeting votes?On searching the answers for those questions, history revealed that he did a lot to education, agriculture, and lot more to the Indian and Tamil people.

There are several incidents that recorded in the history of India that how this man was simple and being illiterate himself he was instrumental in educating millions of children in Tamil Nadu by offering Midday meals and Free uniforms and notebooks. (!) His simplicity and honesty was well revealed to the world when he asked to remove a water pipe connection from his native house where his mother was living. When her mother told him that she being very old the supporters and party men of congress have given such an arrangement for her benefit, he suddenly removed the pipe connection stating that it is not a honest thing that because of Chief minister’s mother one should not get such a privilege.

On knowing this incident I am thinking if the situation today in our country. How far the power of politics is used to get unfair benefits at the cost of lives of so many poor people. Those legends lived not 400 years back, just 40 years back. what happened then, why after these people we are not able to get good leaders like him? because overall people have became like that. They accepted the corruption and misuse of political power has become a normal thing in our lives. Or we have been taught like that.

But one thing is for sure. Unless we realize that honesty should not be expected only from leaders, it should be there first with the common man, only then it will prevail in the country. Kamrajar’s life teaches us what a CM can do within one term of his / her ruling. And his works and contributions were extraordinary. Our political leaders are busy counting money or searching for ways of corrupting the system at least we read these history and tell them to replicate if not hundred percent at least 1% !

Bcoz we have become very sick as a nation.. it is time to act.! Now or never..!

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  1. Riayz, very well said. This is one person , not known much among many Indians, north of Vindhyas!. good job.

    • RIYAZ AHMED says:

      Thanks Vetrimagal..! Nice to receive comments from a good Tamil name.. Thanks for your appreciation… planning to write more about Tamil leaders. Needed your constant encouragement in the future as well… 🙂

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