Journey towards searching the history to find out the ignition that created the revolutionaries never ends. Starting from V. Pirabhakaran, then understanding the heroic Ernesto Che Guevaranow greatly inspired by the man who liberated Vietnam from the French colonization. He is called as ‘Ho Chi Minh’There are hundreds of documentaries available and tons of books written about him and his heroic revolutionary acts in liberating Vietnam.

This article is not another documentary of what he has done in his life. But its about things that a common man should thing and be aware to safeguard his or her motherland. He was not taught by anyone to rebel against the french. His conscious questioning of the facts which happened around him, made him to question why instead of hardworking and suffering , Vietnamese people are not given with dignified life, with minimum requirements like food, education, and healthcare.

Questions in his mind transformed in to acts. Thoughts became action. Initially not violent but when his people’s dignity was ignored by french colonization, final call was war with weapons. After reading some of the revolutionaries and their lives, it became very clear that the root cause of all the revolution and following bloodshed was Human rights violation and Genocide. It happened to Jews by Nazis, it happened to Indians by British, then Bangladeshis through Pakistanis, Tamils through Sinhalese, etc.

All countries got liberated as a independent free nations, once the fire of revolution sets in. History repeats itself, no one can deny it. Even Eelam will soon make in to the Liberated List. But the thing to be remembered is revolution will not get succeed without the involvement of the common man, people supported Ho even when he was out of his country, not for 3 years but for 30 years. True determination towards people’s welfare, and true national spirit will create a person of 4″inches and 5 ft a superstar for millions of people. Ho was short even in the Vietnamese standards. That doesn’t matter. What matters is humanness towards every human being  will create revolutionaries like this. India has had some heroes in the past, but a big question today in the minds of millions  of Indians is who will be our next superman?

Answer is very simple, if we realize that each one of us is a hero, not necessarily by the weapon we lift for Indian cause but even by the thought and action that sharpen and strengthen the Indian Nationality and spirit. Ho’s life is a good example for a common to keep in mind. His biography is the best thing to read for an ordinary Indian to realize that he/she is an asset for the country, and is responsible to safeguard the freedom and democracy of the nation.

Sure. Ho’s life teaches a lot..!

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  1. Boss you inspire me a lot to read more about many leaders.

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