5 Factors of Good Web Writing..!

Posted: June 21, 2012 in General
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Web writing has become a day to day activity for most of us. We write articles in our blog frequently, some people give post everyday. Good!. But the success of the blog post depends on how many hits the post gets from the browsers. Most of us do not have awareness on this aspect of web writing that we are not bothered about some important things the blog post should have to grasp and sustain more number of hits.

Searching of knowledge and ideas for writing a better blog post in books and internet gave some important things for improving blog articles writing and posting. Hoping it will help us to create some good blog post, the five factors of good web writing are shared below.

  • Minimalism: Keeping our blog post content minimum will help the readers to show interest in reading the whole content. Pages of long sentences will create boredom and make the article complex for the readers. When we compress the long matters of articles in to a minimal one those are called as ‘Chunks’. A blog post should always be a chunk.
  • Coherence: It is important to keep in mind that the whole article speaks about one idea or more ideas. If more than one, check how the article takes the readers from one idea to another. The transformation should be simple and easy.
  • Clarity and Correctness: People who look for information from the internet deserve to be given with correct data. So if an article uses any statistical data or numbers, it is better to check twice and make sure that the data are correct. And the article should carry a clarity in what it tries to express. Different stands like opposing and supporting on an issue or concept will reduce the quality of the article. Clarity is foremost important for any article, its always better to be clear before start writing.
  • Avoid the ‘I’ attitude: It is a disease called ‘egophilia’, which represents the habit of starting a sentence with ‘I think’ or ‘I feel’. Web articles should avoid having sentences like this. It will Psychologically reduce the interest of the readers if the article carries thoughts in the point of view of writer. Articles should show a positive attitude from the readers perspective.
  • Concentrate on orientation: Keep in mind that the browsers will not bring the viewers directly to the home page of the website or blog. Our visitors will come through different pages of  our website. So treat every page as a home page. Design in such a way that each page links and directs the user to understand the design and content of website. At least have link to home page in each article post, that will help the user to come back to the main page which contains all the details of the website.

Web writing is an art as well as a science. More and more articles carefully drafted considering the things mentioned above will surely result in a good web writing skill. Explore more ideas and earn great knowledge in web writing. Sure your blog will be a HIT with more number of hits.

What am i going to do next? Alter this blog according to the above mentioned factors. Because at the end of the day, we all concerned about one thing ‘SITE STATISTICS..!’.

If you have anything more to share about web writing , we are glad to know that from you.

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  1. Wonderful information. Will follow these tips and write good post

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