Che Guevara

June 14 is a most memorable day. The symbol of Socialist revolution “Ernesto Che Guevaras Birthday.So wanted to know about a man who made the world a go bravely in to the way of revolution. That curiosity made me to by a book named “ CHE GUEVARA – From the secrete notes of CIA” written by Ja.Mathavaraj. I completed reading the book in one sitting. You could not stop reading the book once you take it for reading. He is not a normal man but a super hero, His life is not about normal human wants and greed much beyond that. He want to have a Poverty free, Socialist economies and communism spread around all the countries.

This book is a different one fgrom all other books written about Che. This is the only book which specifically speaks about the CIA ( central Intelligence Agency) Reports about Che. Why it is so different? From the reports of CIA it was made clear that they were so much feared about Che and his revolution. He wanted to go out from Cuba after few years of various leadership position in Cuban government. The reason is simple, his vision was much beyoond the Boundaries of Cuba.

This book speaks about Fidel Castro’s remarks after Che moving out of Cuba. We can find a true friendship that preveiled between the No1 and No2 commanders of Vuban revolution. It is clear from his “Motorcycle Diaries” that Che wanted to work for the people of Latin America and make them get rid of the Capitalism and Imperialism ghost. It was his choice to move to Bolivia and make a revolution there. As CIA feared Bolivia is the country which the borders are surrounded by 4 other nations. So he expected Bolivian revolution will result in chain revolutionary reactions in the interconnected nations. But it was unfortunate that world lost that great Guerrilla commander in the Bolivian revolution. There are so many other reasons for his death, those were clearly detailed in the book.

After 30 years of his death, finally Cuba found out the remains of Che’s body after huge efforts. Our eyes will shed tears when the lines of the book describe the Doctors reaction when they found Che body. He says One skeleton was found which wore a belt which mentioned as No2. Then we decided he is Ernesto Che Guevara.

With Castro

United states feared because of this. But history fortunately made that thing to happen. They feared Che will become a world hero and his revolutionary action will spread all around the world and result in capitalism destruction. That made them to kill Che. But as he said they have killed only the human being not his revolution. Today Che is everywhere and dreams of throwing Imperialism is  coming true.

But revolution will not happen all of a sudden. It will happen slowly and steadily once if the spark comes in the minds of people. That day is not far away. Till then Che will be in our hearts and guide us to the path of revolution.

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