I have never read a book like this. Not because of the writing style of the author or the interest he creates with his writing skills but for the content of the book and the true good heart of the author in revealing the story.

Economic Hit man ” the term first made popular by Perkins , is the shocking Job profile that a person should never need to have in his or her life. At the end of Second world war, things were changing all around the world. The power shift, to be really specific the Super Power shift changed hands from England to US. It became impossible for US to get into boots on the war field when they tasted the Loss in Vietnam war. Things were needed to be changed then, new Political philosophies were in need. New concept was developed by the world’s largest Capitalist country, the concept of Economic Hit man

The Super power dreams cost so much, history reveals it and teaches great lessons. From the great empire of Rome to  England’s superpower dream all got collapsed by causing a great loss entire humanity. War, genocide, Hunger, Poverty, death were the gifts the superpowers gave after their failed attempts to sustain their name and power. John Perkins in his book ” Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” clearly reveals the insider story behind the United States government in doing the international politics. He clearly framed the word Corporatocrycy“, to mention the secrete deals and connection between the corporate and Bureaucracy,  not only in prevails in US but in all parts of the world. The availability of Corporatocracy in all parts of the world helps US to move economic policies in their favor at the cost of lives of so many poor people and tribal people specifically. The never ending hunger of US for Oil made it to justify and even legalize the cruel crimes as a part of its international political agenda. Economic Hit Man are the one who does it on field.

Starting from Indonesia, to Saudi Arabia, Panama, Iran, Columbia, Iraq the list of countries which was greatly affected

John Perkins, Author, Confessions of an Economic Hitman

by the insider work of John Perkins just getting long. But his humanity and search for peace made him to write this book after 30 or 40  years of  Hit Man work. As he says in the book it is must for all of us to know about things which are really happening around us. The news which we hear from media are not true. Its not revealing the reality, its not revealing the sufferings of poor people. We are told that all the economic policies the government makes are good for the poor people. But Perkins makes it clear it is not the case. For the benefit of the few rich people in the countries, the medias are doing false propaganda. we know better the reason , these medias are all one of the units of those richest business groups. Its not only happens US but in all parts of the world. The setting up of IMF, World Bank, United Nation, World forum are all eye washing works of the developed nations just to suck out all the natural resources of the developing, underdeveloped resourceful countries. But the thing we must remember is it all happens at the cost of Human lives and environmental degradation. Their so called Grants and Loans from IMF, WORLD BANK, Asian Development Bank (ADB)Foreign Direct investments (FDI) are Just the tools to make a country surrender after letting the country to burdened with Non payable Debts. These are Hit Man’s most sophisticated jobs.If it not surrenders or coming in to the way of US then that is the turn for troops to strike a war. When Hit man fails then Gun Man hits.!

From 1996 to 2004, he explains all the international politics in the book that was confronted by US to make itself a super power and after OPEC shock , its intention to acquire Oil wealth as an alternative to OPEC (Organization Of the Petroleum Exporting Countries). Perkins finishes the chapters with the visuals of September’11 attack and aftermaths that happened in the heart f America. This book is a great one and a must read for all the people who wants to make world a better place to live in.

History teaches us that Super power dream and greed to acquire more wealth by any nation will result in human suffering and environmental degradation. From the book of John Perkins, it is clear that History repeats itself.

This is one of the most favorite book that got translated in most of the regional languages. The Tamil Version of the book  named as “ ஒரு பொருளாதார அடியாளின் ஒப்புதல் வாக்குமூலம்‘ was Published By Vidiyal Pathipagam, Coimbatore and it was translated by Ra. Murugavel.

Overall this book reveals the Dangerous ‘Corporate – Bureaucratic  – Economic – Political structure” of the new US capitalist era. Read it , Must Share it..!

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  1. anwar nanna says:

    s “ ஒரு பொருளாதார அடியாளின் ஒப்புதல் வாக்குமூலம்‘ was Published By Vidiyal Pathipagam, Coimbatore and it was translated by Ra. Murugavel.

    Can I have digital copy of this book

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