I have heard about him and his book. But i have not read it before. The right time has come for reading his book. I am speaking about the book named Confessions of Economic Hit-man” Written by John Perkins. I have already discussed about a video of his interview in my previous post but i am very much impressed by the contents of his book, which i am reading now. It is a book which was released in 2004  speaks about  the life of Mr. John Perkins who worked in various corporate bureaucratic positions for his country ‘United States’. He was the first person to coin the term CORPORATOCRACY – The secrete link between the corporate and Government Bureaucrats.

It was only till world war 2 the countries all over the world tried to control the resources of other countries through military occupation. But the growing fear of atomic weapons in the hands of different countries made the superpowers to think in a different way. Too be very specific the problem between the Capitalism and Socialism is now no more a military war but it is a secrete war that the US and its capitalist allies does with the strategically important countries.

War without military weapons, but with a much stronger and cruel economic weapon called Corporatocracy. The secrete link between the big business houses and corporate officials all over the world has made it possible for the US to get into a countries and make it surrender. It is not that much easy but with the help of corporates and bureaucrats things are made easy for economic invasion. Have you ever thought why after all this great economic policies of all the countries and the supportive loans from the  international monetary bodies are not making the prosperity in the lives of millions of poor people all over the world. John Perkins reveals in his book, it is not for us they are giving those funds and framing the economic policies but for their welfare and political interest. Their here denotes “Big business groups, Owners, Politicians”. Its is an issue that happens in the countries all over the world. Type the word Corporatocracy in Wikipedia, you will get the details of this cruel concept.

NIRA RADIA, Lobbyist in 2G Spectrum Scam

But the question here we have to ask is How many of us aware of it. Even well educated people are not aware of the underground work that happens between the government officials and corporates. You take the recent NIRA RADIA problem in India. It was made public, the secret talk that happened between the high corporate officials , politicians and bureaucrats and their lobbying involvement in the 2G spectrum scandal. Initially the media projected it well but then they focused only on politicians not the corporates. why ? you know the answer they too belong to some corporate groups. How can we expect them to speak for us?

We have a mentality, not only in India but all over the world. The common man will not take much care about the social issues unless and until it directly affects him. As long as we postpone and delay to raise against this kind of coporatocracy work, we will loose so much that will affect even our grandson and his future generations. That cruel history of US (united states) was clearly described in John Perkins book. Soon i will post a book review of it. But Keep in mind Corporatocracy is the common enemy for the human kind. Let us all put our hand together to have a open bureaucratic system and economic policies favorable for all classes of people.

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