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Posted: June 8, 2012 in Beautiful People, Politics, Society
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A revolutionary and a person known for creating social awareness among the people, E.V.Ramasaamy or respectfully Periyaar  was a leader who made social transformation and fought for eradicating  blind rituals in the name of Hindu Gods. Being an atheist he tried hos level best to educate people in India. Recently i read one booklet which consists of Periyaar’s thoughts about Aryan – Dravidian ethnic differences and the ways that were encountered by Aryans to capture the lands of Dravidian and false image they created on Dravidian in the Hindu scriptures.

Below are the thoughts that Periyaar shared to people during various campaigns.

Researchers in various parts of the world acknowledged the fact that Dravidian or Tamils were the people who entirely ruled the place now known as India. When less cultured Aryans came near the Sind river they found people who are great in culture and Bravery. Unlike Aryans they were dark skinned. But the Language  (Tamil) they spoke was very ancient and they made literature for so many years.

Systematic step by step eroding of the cultures of Dravidian happened by diluting the greatness of the Language in the minds of Dravidian. Mixer of Aryan language Sanskrit with Tamil language created so many mixer languages like Tulu, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Etc. Dravidian culture and the ethnic group got diluted and they lost their stronghold. Once upon a time the widest and largest Tamil kingdom today shortened till the edge of the Indian border. The final survival for Tamil people is Tamil Nadu and and revolutionary Tamil Eelam.

Its is not the thoughts of Periyaar, but the fact that was accepted by so many archeologist and scientist. They Monkey and Villains who were projected in the scriptures of Hindus, Like Ramayana and Mahabharata are all mentioning Tamilan or Dravidian. Dravidian king Raavanan, was portrayed as the villain for Hindu people. with all ignorance we celebrate the death of our ancestor Naragasuran as Diwali. So much were left and Tamil ancient scriptures were diluted and Tamil/Dravidian history got eroded. These are all the systematic efforts,of Aryans to carefully do a Dravidian genocide.

This thoughts of periyaar gave me curiosity to learn the untaught history of my Tamil ethnic group. Much more to come surprisingly if we explore the Tamil history. thanks to Thandhai Periyaar and Periyaar suyamriyaadhai prachaara veliyidhu.

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