BOOK REVIEW: MARX FOREVER (என்றென்றும் மார்க்ஸ்)

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Beautiful People, Books & Movies
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Karl Marx

It was a great shock for BBC and the Capitalist on seeing the results of the survey of most influential people ever in the history of the world conducted by BBC. Results shown that the people all around the world have named one man ‘KARL MARX’ as the most influential person. The second place was given to Albert Einstein and then Isaac Newton. The surprising thing was BBC has not included the name of Marx in their list of nominations, even then the viewers named him. 117 years after Marx’s death it was accepted by world that Marxism is the truth.

Recently I read a book called ‘Marx Forever’ by Ja.Maadhavaraj (Tamil), which gave a lot of insights in to the life, philosophy and Importance of Marx and his socialist philosophies. Marx was a student when Hegel, a great economist and philosopher died. Before Marx there were countable number of economist and philosopher tried to explain the socioeconomic models. But some were religious and tried to describe things in the name of god. Marx went through all those works and he was comfortable with what Hegel said. He was different from Hegel that Marx chosen Atheism and tried to explain all worries happens as a result of Capitalism.

To be very clear Marx spent his life not in creating Socialist model, but he spent most of his time in clearly describing and analyzing the effects of Capitalist model. Capitalism creates classes among the people. One is owner’s class and the other is worker’s class. It tries to show itself as a suitable one but Marx said it’s false image that capitalist create by saying there is no alternative (TINA) to capitalism. Fredrick Angels was the friend who spent his life time with Marx in creating the Socialist philosophies. When they both released “communist manifesto”, it was considered as a conclusion lines of Capitalist policies.

Marx and Engels preparing Communist Manifesto

Marx personal life was very sad, he lost his son and daughter for some diseases and spent his rest of the life with his wife Jenny and his friend Angels. After his children died, he uses to go to a library and read books throughout the day. He continued this for 30 years (!!). That’s why he was able to give solution to all human suffering because of economic inequality which results in poverty.

The most interesting thing is Marx and Angels have forecasted everything that today’s world is encountering. They lived in 1800s, that time there is nothing like globalization, International finance, Free Trade Agreements (FTA), etc. But in their works they both forecasted these and said all these transformations in the economic and political structure are the sign of  ending Capitalism, because these are all things that the capitalism finally uses for its survival. At the extreme situation workforce all around the world do revolution, throw capitalism and then they will create a equal socialist society everywhere. The book explains the Marx’ view of Socialism as the transformational stage of Communism.

This book is an interesting read because of its contents and the way the author describes the life of Marx. He writes in a poetic ways that helps us to easily understand the complex works of Marx in an easy way. The present situation of Poverty, exploitation, Hunger, Class struggles, Revolution makes that Marxist understanding is the need of the hour. This book is good start to Marxism.

It’s time for us to change things and remember Marx saying “Change is the only thing that will not change in this world. Everything else will change”.

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Book Details:

Name: என்றென்றும் மார்க்ஸ்

Author: மாதவராஜ்

Publisher:  பாரதி புத்தகாலயம்

Pages: 40

  1. […] Marx himself framed his theory that socialist communist revolution will  happen only in developed nation because those were the places where the income disparity and economic exclusion will make the suppressed people to raise and make an armed revolution. As per this theory of Marx Russia was not a perfect place for revolution and his theory states that that was impossible with the people in the underdeveloped state of the nation.  […]

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