Online Books Purchase – Bad experience for Me!

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Books & Movies, General
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Books are the most common things that unite people of all religion, caste, country, ethnicity, etc. Modern days of plastic currency, and technology era makes work very easy, or it seems so. There was a period were we go to book shops physically to get books. Different publishers have different outlets in different places. We have go all the way to the place of the publisher’s outlet in order to purchase a book. Today from home you can purchase number of books and it will reach your places within few days.

The additional facilities from online shopping websites flip kart gives an option for Cash on delivery (COD) through which you no need to pay when you place order but pay once the book is delivered. It was very comfortable for all, that the books will reach your place then we felt comfort. After frequent purchases from Flip kart, the book which i have purchased recently taught me some lessons.

First, do not purchase the book because the topic or the contents are of your interest, but kindly go through the book reviews which are massively available in personal logs and book review blogs.

Second, just Clarify how the language of the book is it very technical or tough words are used. because if a book written during some centuries back , the content might be interesting you but the way the vocabulary used in the book might make you to hate the book and the concept as well

Third, check the size and number of pages of the books before ordering for the book. Because once ordered for a book which i thought it to be in normal size paid good price but the book delivered to me was in the size of pocket dictionary. It was sure waste of money.

My experience: I have learnt all these things by ordering a book named “Origin of Species -By Charles Darwin”. A scientist who revealed the world how human beings evolved for so many millions of years and taught the simple logic ‘Survival of the fittest’.

Concept was great but the vocabulary he used in the book was very tough and not easy to understand, And i couldn’t read the book. It was waste of money. So kindly before you go for ordering any books do the three things which i mentioned above. Or else we will be in great disappointment.

A introduction to Darwin theory would be better to read than directly reading this book


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