June 14, 1928 was the date , in which a very important personality in the history was born and later he became the “Symbol of Revolution” all over the world. Ernesto Guvera or Che Guvera was an Argentinian Marxist revolutionary who took part in the Cuban revolution, Bolivian revolution,etc.

A doctor, A Marxist, A guerrilla leader, A politician, he played various role within a short span of his life. A good friend of revolutionary Fidel Castro and Number two in command during Cuban revolution made him a great leader and symbol for revolutionaries. Not only that, the most important thing which makes Che to stand out in the list of revolutionaries is, all the revolutionaries fought for their people and freedom of their own country but Che was the only person to fight for the people of another nation. He was an Argentinian but he fought for the freedom of Cuba.

After completing his medical studies Che took a motor cycle ride and went all around various parts of the world and the most important area was Latin America. He saw the bottom line of poor people and their sufferings. He tried to find out the reason for their diseases and found out it’s all because of the capitalist economic policies. Interested in Marxist philosophy then he want to create a socialistic world and decided that could be possible through world revolution.

He started to engage himself to create a socialistic Cuba and he got succeeded. After that he said it is time for him to move to various other nation to take part in their revolution. But as usual CIA, the Intelligence bureau of United states executed him in Bolivia without proper international inquiry. The CIA and US were not known for his execution but after that Che became a revolutionary hero all over the people in different countries.

Today i realize, the purpose that made CHE to do revolution is still exists in all parts of the world. But we are waiting for another CHE to come and revolutionize the world, throw out capitalist and make a equal classless society.

We are finding it difficult to realize that we will not get another Che to fight for us, to stand for the poor, to create a classless society and ignite humanity and revolution . Feel as he is within us. If we realize that and stand up and raise voice for our rights and take steps to eradicate poverty and change useless economic policies, we are also CHE.

Let this June 14 create a revolutionary wave in the minds of world citizens and all human sufferings because of capitalism and inequality come to an end. Saluting Che!

The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall – Ernesto Che Guvera

  1. Guerilla23 says:

    is it a removal of capitalism that we require – or just an equaling of the power of capitalism.

    ie: a way to stop the super powers from squashing the small business person, and a way for the small business person to have the same power footing as a major super power.

    and a way for capital to be made from effort, not from capital. so the growth of the world is equal to the output of the people in it, not the greed of a few.

    – Guerilla23

    • RIYAZ AHMED says:

      But i feel everything shoul be with the govrmnt… no need to have anything private… today profits are private and losses are public. we need both to be public

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