Book Review: Maha Alexander ( Alexander – The Great)

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Books & Movies
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History gave us so many important persons and thier life as important lessons. Each one known for various reasons and remembered for various purposes. The one and Only man known for bravery through out the world was Alexander. He is usually called as Alexander ‘the great’. I was not aware even few days back, why history calls Alexander as ‘The great’. Now realised the importance of that after finished reading the book “Maha Alexander – By Maruthan” ( Means ‘Alexander: The great) a Tamil Biography of world’s greatest warrior Alexander.

The book in a very crispy way speaks about the whole life of Alexander and his victories that he achieved by conquering various parts of the world. The interesting fact which i was surprised to know from the book is that Alexander’s teacher was Aristotle (!). And the second surprise is that Aristotle was the favorite student of Plato – A great philosopher in the history of the world.

This book not only gives information about Alexander but also starting from his father Philip, Plato, Aristotle and about some of the greatest warrior of India with whom Alexander fought to capture some parts of India and praised their bravery. It is clear from the life of Alexander that a Human Will and clear dedicated effort to achieving it, will surely give favorable and fruitful results. The story of Alexander was inspiring , the way he fought with his troops, which was most of the time comparatively smaller than the opponents troops. It is surprising that in each war front he plays different tactics and finally wins in all the wars he leaded. While reading about the information that he was taught by his father Philip that his life time goal is to capture the country named “INDIA” which is great country holds wealth and culture , reveals that India was a place like heaven attracted all the rulers around the world that time. Painfully even today !

Alexander lived in 300BC. So with no technological sources and facilities he captured most of the places he knew. His craze for his Horse ‘Beuspalace’ and love he showed on it , made his army strong in horse troops which became a greatest force for Alexander and big challenge for his opponents in war fronts.

It took really four continues hours for me read the full book. Because once you take the book you will not stop reading it, not because of the Heroic life of Alexander but also by the most interesting way the book was written by the author. This book ignited interest in me to read the biographies of some other Heroes in history like Napolean, Tippu Sultan, Hitler, Bhagat singh, Fidel Castro, Che Guvera, Subash Chandra Bose, Lenin which are published by Kilakku Pathipagam, and authored By Muthukumar, the author of this book.

Whatever might be the language, the lives of the heroes like Alexander teach us a lot of lessons. If we carefully read and relate things with that of our lives we will get life valuable philosophies. Because they were also human beings like us, but what they got extra were discipline, Humility, Dream and will to achieve it.

But unfortunately that’s what missing in most of us. The book ends with the death of Alexander by saying his last wish…

Overall it was a great book to read and great content to share.!

Book: Maha Alexander
Author: R. Muthukumar
ISBN: 8183686370
Binding: Paperback
Publishing Date: 2008
Publisher: Kizhakku
Number of Pages: 168
Language: Tamil

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