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Posted: June 5, 2012 in Society
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I am new to blogging. Two months back i have started to write articles in my blog and i have creted my blog   riyazahmedk.wordpress.com. I was busy after that, searching various interesting things and reading those which i could make as an article. But by exploring the blogger’s world i have realized that blogging is a creative and intellectual thing which thousands of bloggers involved and share their valuable intellectual thoughts through their blogs.

The past two months of blogging and managing my posts gave me great insights and thoughts in various social and intellectual things. Out of my curiosity i came to know about the Indiblogger.in, which is nothing but a great website that creates platform for the bloggers to meet, share their views through their blogs, make members for their blogs and take part in various forums. The interesting thing that indiblogger creates is , it gives opportunity for bloggers to meet in person through various meets organised in different parts of the country.

I became member of indiblogger a month back , after that my blog hits got drastically increased and i came to know various

Indibloggers Meet – New Delhi

blogs and started to follow them and the authors of those blog gave comments and suggestion for the improvement of my articles and some of them became followers of my blog. Feeling very much surprised.!

Our curiosity and inquisitiveness will take us to different levels in our life. Someone might feel that what’s great in having a blog. But to me i really felt that it is a great thing to do. Someone in different parts of the world like my articles and appreciate my thoughts and feelings and encourages me to proceed with what i like to do then what else you want in life.

Indiblogger team it is a great work! Today i am a part of it and everyday i am learning the art of blogging. Every single day if i open my indiblogger account i have something t read and something to improve and something to rectify.

Thank you Indibloggers! Keep Blogging! Keep sharing! Keep Igniting..!


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