Book Review: Indhiya Pirivinai – Uthirathal Oru Kodu

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Books & Movies, Politics
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Totally 400 chairs! 200 for you and 200 for us. Not only chairs ! tables, curtain, typewriters, table clothes, pen , pencils everything that belong to the India in British rule during independence were separated like this between India and Pakistan. It never happened anywhere in the history of the world, separating the union of states India into two different and opposite countries.

British India 1947 & India 2007

It was not Jinnah who first developed the ideology Pakistan, Mohammed Ali, Poet was the one who first ignited the Pakistan dream in the minds of Indian Muslims. Very Informative and interesting facts were available in the book Indhiya Pirivinai – Uthirathal Oru Kodu written by Maruthan. We are very young to understand what happened during the independence and prior to that. No need to read 1000 pages books to read the mentality of the politicians and people during that time. This 184 pages book will give you great understanding about the issues related the Pakistan partition.

And the interesting thing is how many of us know the reason for the names India and Pakistan. India, the name came from the river ‘Sind‘. Interestingly Sind river is now partitioned by Pakistan. The name Pakistan is even more interesting, it is a combination of the first letter from the names Punjab, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Sind, Baluchistan, for connecting purpose the ‘i’ was used in the name Pakistan. Interesting?

This book will help you to understand the talks that happened between the most important leaders of India and Pakistan. Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Jinnah, Mountbatten, Churchill, Subash chandra bose, Ambedkar, Bhagat singh,etc. Great leaders and their sacrifice sent the British out and gave an end to their colonialism, but unfortunately the ego and misunderstanding of not 4 or 40 people but 40 crore people who were living that time in India created problems which were not simple as easy to solve, but very cruel. Death, rape, murder, looting, etc

Hindhu & SIkh Refugees from Pakistan Area

happened among the groups of Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs.

It was a bloodshed that both the nations never forget and they will never do. Mahatma Gandhi said ‘if India has to be partitioned it could be done on my dead body’ but when partition came he said nothing , he never objected why?. Is it failure of Gandhi or he lost his control in the congress (ING). If Gandhi is for all religions then why should he propagate the Hindutuva. Why did he not supported Ambedkar when he raised voice for Dalits constitutional rights? Was Jinnah a true Muslim to represent them? Why Gandhi did not objected the execution of Bhagat Singh? Question like this were detailed out in this book.

Killing thousands of innocent people in the name of religion whether Hindu, Muslim or Sikh is to be strictly condemned, but it was a pride that time , killing innocent non Muslims , non Hindus, non Sikhs was justified that time. It should never happen in the history of India any more. But the recent happenings in the Indian states paves way for separatism. If not religious but as ethnic separatism. The young generation should take care that India will not be healthy to recover if one more wound happens in its heart like that as Pakistan . Any more separatism talks should be condemned and the reason for that separatism should be solved with sincerity and responsibility.

This book will help to understand the pain and bloody war of such Pakistan separatism. If you want to know about the birth of Independent

Muslim Refugee From INDIA

India this book is a good read.

It is not wise to blame Hindu or Muslims but it is wise to think what we have got out of that separatism. Think what would have happened if India and Pakistan were together. Unbelievably we would have been today a superpower. But unfortunately we missed that. History teaches us so many lessons.

Say loud to those religious extremist that we are not ready for another partition.!

Its not India vs Pak ! It should be India and Pak..!

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Book: Indhiya Pirivinai: Uthirathal Oru Kodu
Author: Marudhan
ISBN: 8184930380
Binding: Paperback
Publishing Date: 2009
Publisher: Kizhakku
Number of Pages: 184
Language: Tamil
  1. velsamy.abiaru says:

    great riyaz,
    probably the book may make people to think – why to blindfolded in believing certian history, why can’t we look the other side of the coin.
    spare me the book – will return in 2 days

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