Will Viswarroobam show the heights of Kamal’s wisdom?

Posted: June 1, 2012 in Beautiful People, Books & Movies
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India remembers only few actors for years. Indian cinema is a versatile industry which is mostly dominated by regional stars. Very

Kamal in Kalathoor Kannamma

few regional stars have the ability to go beyond thier region and ethnicity, one such a great actor of our generation is Dr.Kamalhaasan.

He is popular because he is an atheist, and only star to invest all the money he earns in cinema to cinema. His works will speak the quality of the actor’s professional intellect and stardom on screen. I am inspired by him, not because he stardom and handsomeness but because of the social conscious issues he takes in his hands in every film he takes. As one leader said Media is to be considered as a department of an Army, i feel cinema is always to be considered as visual library, where by it has to teach us and educate us.

Kamal’s films did that in the past and does that in the present and also hopefully he will give his best in his upcoming films. Last movie he did with a social issue is Unnai Pol Oruvan, which is a remake of Hindi film ‘ WEDNESDAY’ which speaks about the religious point of view of terrorism. He played the role as a Muslim wants to kill Muslim terrorist, who killed innocent human beings in the name of Islam.

He played the role as if he is a real representative of Muslims. He conveyed an important message in that film, that is No religion justifies the death of innocent human beings but the politics behind that creates problems in the name of religion, whether it is Islam, Hinduism, Christianity or any other religion.

He urged people to take revolutionary steps in dealing with these social problems. one dialogue i remember still is when he argues with Mohanlal, he ask him ..

“If terrorism is instant why not justice so”

The movie was a hit and went on well in the box office. Like this we can count number of movies that created an impact on society. His

In Anbe sivam

movies like Nayagan, Devar Magan, Kuruthipunal, Indian, Unnai pol oruvan, vasool raja, Anbe sivam, etc are greatest movies of our time. The hot thing in the tamil cinema is about his next film ‘VISWAROOPAM’.  for which the shooting is gooing to get over soon and ready for release. In this movie also from the posters it is revealed that he is going to make the ISLAM, TERRORISM, POLITICS mixer. The posters and the movie title is designed like ‘Arabic’ words font style.

What is the detailed story and message of the movie? we have to wait for some more months, But sure Kamal is going to touch his best, because the films is budgeted as a most expensive film ever made in the Indian cinema. It cost around 150 crores to finish the movie which is higher than his friend Rajinikanth’s movie ‘Enthiran’. Since the movie is going to get released in Hindi as well in the name ‘ Viswaroop’, expectations are higher in the bollywood as well.

Whether Maruthanayagam or Marmayogi started or not, Viswaroopam as the name conveys it is going to be Kamal’s viswaroopam of his carrier.

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