Not once or twice, for the fifth time the chess king of India Mr.Viswanathan Anandwon the title on 31st may 2012. Boris Gelfand, the Israeli

Young Viswanathan Anand

player was not that much easy for Anand to beat, till the last round they both equally scored 6-6. When Anand told reporters  ‘ I simply hung on for dear life‘ after winning the game it was very clear that the  42 year old grandmaster have put lot of effort to win the tie breaking round.

Born on December 11, 1969 to Sushila and Viswanathan, Anand was highly encouraged by his mother who taught her to play chess and made his career to focus on the sport. His wife Aruna is also a pillar of his strength , after getting married in 1996 she takes care of his off the chessboard activities.

A proud moment for India, to have sportsmen like Anand and retaining his world class grand master title. His only competitor and equal famous personality in India is Sachin Tendulkar. They have something in common , that both respect their work and dedicate themselves to win every single game they play.

He is an inspiration for our generation, that practice and dedication will really reap the benefit. Today Anand holds most of the Indian and International prestigious awards. He was first awarded in 1985 ‘Arjuna Award’ for most outstanding sportsmen of the year. After that it is a non stop award winning for him. In 1987 received ‘Padma Sri’ and in 2008 he received ‘Padma vibhusan’ , the second highest civilian award in India after Padmasri.

Even today, after all this achievements Anand stick to his practice. That discipline will give him all the future grand master titles.

Wishing him to do great things in the future. India at least in games and only in some games ‘Shining’.

With His Family ( From left to Right) His Wife Aruna, Father Viswnathan, Mother Susheela


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