Small is Beautiful: Says A.Muruganandhan Business Tamilan of the year

Posted: May 31, 2012 in Beautiful People, Society
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A.Muruganadham, a school dropout and a greater inventor of our generation

577, KNG Pudur Road, Somayampalaym,Coimbatore – The address well known today to people in most of the big business groups in India. Why? because that is where an invention is available which has the capacity to make billions of money in the business market. But fortunately that invention serves for a greater purpose in the society and not utilized for making money.

A.Murugnandham, inventor of Low cost sanitary napkins machine, runs his Jayashree industries with poor women and for poor women of the society. I first know him only when i met him in Sri Sakthi India Leadership Summit’2012 in Coimbatore. He spoke for 30 minutes and inspired everyone to do a great service for the society we live. For him money doesn’t matter because when a leading business group in India handed over a blank cheque to him for transferring his patent rights to them and make the Napkins manufacturing as a money sweeping business, he dropped that offer and started his journey of entrepreneurship in a different way. Today his machines are available in all interior parts of India producing 120 napkins per hour/machine, by giving opportunity for poor women to earn with the machines and also giving them a quality and hygienic product.

It might sound simple but if i say the figures, we will better understand his contribution to the society. With a population of 100 crores, the market for sanitary napkins in India is estimated somewhere around 1000 crores. This man if he make his invention to work as a business opportunity that 1000 crores will go in to his pocket. But Muruganandhan understood the real purpose of life, to him purpose of life is a ‘life with purpose’. His purpose now is to provide sanitary napkins to poor women in low cost, which provide hygiene and protect them from killing disease ‘cervical cancer’. He even engaged the Maoist women in manufacturing napkins with his machine.

It didn’t came very easily. The invention took 5 years of rigorous research and made his family members to feel that he has become insane. But today they are proud that Murugnadham, inspiring the whole nation, he delivers speeches in business schools, leadership summits and all intellectual platforms. Recently he received Best Innovation award from Smti. Pratibha Patil, President of India and also he received Business Tamilan award from Puthiyathalamurai Tv channel and so many recognition as well.

What made this common man to make an invention for Rs. 75000 which actually requires 3.5 crores as initial investment to produce sanitary napkins?

What made him to drop the blank cheque offer from a business group?

What encourages him to sell 1000 crores business products as a low cost invention benefits crores of poor and unaffordable women in the rural areas?

He as a human being realized the very purpose of life is life with a purpose. He is really a great inspiration for our generation to realize how small social conscious efforts will make a great difference to millions of lives. Today millions of women are comfortable and they feel protected with one napkin for a whole day and also they are engaged in manufacturing the product with his machines through self help groups and individually as well.

That’s why we have invited him for TEDXSONACOLLEGE event, on 9th June 2012. Eagerly waiting to see him again. Sure he is going to inspire our students and let us understand, change should start within our self first and automatically social problems will get solved. Every single steps that benefits society counts, accumulates and benefits exponentially.

So let as all walk and take that small steps like Mr.Muruganadham for a greater purposeful life.

Receiving Best Innovation Award From President
(Click The Photo to view his speech)


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