Book Review: The Transition from Seed – Interview of Ko.Namaalvar

Posted: May 30, 2012 in Beautiful People, Society
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Few days back, I finished reading this book ‘The transition from seed” (விதையிலிருந்து துளிர்க்கும் மாறுதல்), a Tamil book which is compiled by Author Kadarkarai. This book flows as an  interaction between Kadarkarai and Namaalvar, who speak and create awareness about lot of problems related to use of pesticide, harshness in the various farming practices, deforestation, global warming, rain water conservation,  politics involved in agriculture, hunger and poverty, sustainable development, green revolution etc. This book gives us all the facts on the above mentioned topics and ways to control the effects of those things.

Namaalvar is a Bsc (Agri) graduate from Annamalai university. After completing his studies he went on working with research and development department for few years , then he involved himself and dedicating his whole life for the Agri cause. He is the person who fought with European government to get the patent right of Neem for India. This book will sure benefit the readers and give a great understanding of the giant problem that the world is encountering today as a result of the contradictory stands of Industrialization and Agriculture.

Here I would like to share some of the points he discussed in the book which will give us a glance of what he wants to convey to the common man.

In 1987 he went for a organic farming training, there an old man told him that in India there would not be any rain in the future. the old man said in western ghats we have trees in the heights of 300feet, those trees help to convert the moisture from Arabian sea to cloud which then give rain, but the people started to cut those trees and they planted coffee and tea plants, potato plants which are less than six feet, so those things will not help the moisture to convert to cloud and not even help in observing the rain water. so with this analysis the old man said rain is going to be big problem for water in future. Namaalvar says he started to watch those areas and things are happening like what the old man said. He raises the question who is bothered to take care of it?


From the conversation given in the book he express the greedy behavior of human that affects the sustainability and healthiness of the food and Agriculture. He also questions that since various departments are available with governments and at various levels funds are being given , why no political party takes care of this serious issue. He says because the ministers themselves have no idea about all these things.

Lot more is there, as i mentioned above he shared his views about various topics from food security to poverty alleviation, sustainable development to global warming. A great book read and share.

All the problems he said in the book will not get resolved only if he is involved in it. As he says, like Kenyan ‘green belt‘ movement which created a great impact on Kenyan agriculture, there should be big movement to erode all the agri based problems in India. He says that he visualize that happening in the different parts of the country. For example, In Andhra pradesh you have “Deccan Development society“, In Kerala a movement concentrates on agricultural issues called as ‘ THANAL‘, In Tamil Nadu he is involved in these issues, so all these movement should join hand and make a greater impact on the country, he expects that to happen in the nearest future. But that depends on how you and I react to that. Because change should first come within the people. We should not expect  Donot expect that has to be someone like Namaalvar, that person can be you and me.

As someone said ‘Be the Change  you want to see’. Take care of natural resources . Only then it will take care of us.

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