Very few films will stand in the minds of people. Might be because of its making or theme it carries. Peraanmai (பேராண்மை) , a Tamil movie released in the year 2009, was a great one, because of Plot it carried and the patriotic message it conveyed to the people. Here i share one such a clip (2.19 min) in the movie which i always show to my students to make them understand the ground reality and the difference between Capitalism and Socialism.

The director of the movie, Jananaathan, he himself a socialist tried and successfully justified the arguments of socialism in the minds of common man. it is true after watching that movie i then searched the books and other sources to understand the great people like Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Joseph stalin, Che guvera etc and books like Das capital, Communist manifesto etc.

I remember hearing from a leader who said Films are like visual libraries, intellect of so many books can be conveyed in one simple scene in the silver screen to a large mass of people. Very few directors in the Tamil movie will do it with boldness. No words to explain the deepness of the scene in conveying the patriotic message that, only looking after the military strength will not safeguard a country, equal importance to be given to its economic policies as well.

If we are aware of the problems of Maoist, Naxals, etc we would easily grasp the spectrum of issues he made the scene to talk about. In one such


scene, Hero will encourage the girls to fight with terrorist by saying ” You can fight with them.. the world is seeing power of tamils, and our bravery in the war”. That was a emotional dialiogue at that time, when Tamil Eelam War was going crucial in the lands of Jaffna (2009).

As someone said Movies are visual libraries and media is a wing of any army , more people should take such movies with great scenes like this and more people  can understand the reality of any society.

Click to see the Scene

  1. Economics explained in the Layman terms, nice one Riyaz.

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