“In the beginning I was just play-acting, teaching my friends but then I realised these children will never learn to read and write if they don’t have proper lessons. It’s my duty to educate them, to help our country build a better future.”

-Babar Ali, World’s Youngest Headmaster.

Babar Ali, World’s Youngest Headmaster

Still I remember the day 3rd March,2012. It was a very special day for me because in that particular day i met some inspiring personalities of India. It was Leadership Summit organized by Sri Sakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore. Popularly known as SSIL 2012.

SSIL 2012 invited some great leaders like Kiran Bedi, Kiruba Shanker, Rahul Eswar, Muruganandhan and some others. All personalities were different. They concentrated different issues in the society. They are masters in it. One such a personality , who got standing ovation after he gave his speech was Mr. Babar Ali, well known as BBC’s world’s Youngest Headmaster and the recipient of Real Heroes Award from CNN IBN.

Teaching In His School..

I have to tell you about Jaffer Ali. At the age of 9, he started to playfully teach his friends who were mostly school dropouts or some of them would have never visited the schools before. Today he is around 20’s , and teaches more than 800 students in Murshidabad, West Bengal.Most of the students in his school which he runs in evening time are girls. That too Muslim girls!. During the speech in SSIL 2012 , he said that initially it was very difficult for him to get girls to schools because mostly Muslim community restricts girls from going to school after certain age . But things started to change slowly for Babar, today majority of the girls in his schools are Muslim girls, because he belongs to that area. A real revolutionary work!

The school is not managed by government or any private institutions. He himself runs the school with the help of donations he receives from the known persons. And the intersting thing is, Babar he himself as a student , go to school in morning, learn his lessons and come in evening teach whart he learnt, to the students. Awesome!. How many of us think like Babar. we say so mnay reasons for illetracy. With majority of people living in Poverty annd in illeteracy, how are we going to take India into the level of Superpower. Impossible. Some one should take initiative. That someone can be you and me like Babar. He gets nothing for the work that he does for the society. Eventhen why he do that? He realised that the purpose and power of Education.

Inspiring youngsters in various Events and summits

Don’t give freebies or any other Employment guarantee for illiterate. What the best we can do for the poor is, give them Free education and Medical facilities. That’s enough rest they themselves will take care.

Babar is a living example for such a kind of selfless service will for the society. He have nothing. He himself is a poor. But he gives something invaluable to the society.That is His knowledge. Sure Babar we will value that very much. And its our duty to spread this words and make people aware of this. Babar wants this, not for making him popular but to make his intention and work popular so that the young generation will learn from that and replicate works like his in various parts of the country.

A very normally dressed boy was sitting with some well known leaders of India. That time we don’t know who was he. Once he spoke we came to know, he should be more popular than any other leaders in the society. With eyes full of tears and heart full of emotion, I met him and congratulated him and conveyed my wishes for his great work. How can I leave him without taking a photograph. That was a great moment for me in my life. Look down the photo.

Me and Prof.Bala With Mr. BABAR ALI

Wishing him to make the school a world popular and serve millions of poor students in the country. He inspires me to teach every single day…!


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