Reading books is a great thing a man can do in his life. Because It makes us to learn from the mistakes of others. The authors of the books we read, share their experience of life with the readers, whatever the theme of the book, we get new ideas, new approaches, new facts, or simply knowledge aboput the thing we read.

I hope all of us will have the same kind of rejoicing feeling when you read books in our mother tongue. That, if its in Tamil, no other language can give such great feeling reading a Tamil book for a ‘Tamilan’. Tamil literature have so much for the world to take, fortunately or unfortunately  except Tamilan most of the foreign nations respect Tamil literature for its classical works.

Vairamuthu, popularly called as ‘ Kaviperarasu Varimuthu’ one of the very few poet in the Tamil literature and cinema, known for his great thoughts about villages and creative lines in the songs. Recently i read one of the book he has written 25 years before and was first published in the month of September,1985. The book has passed more than two decades but even today our generation reads that and inspired by his thoughts. THe name of the book is ” SIRPIYAE UNNAI SEDUKUGIRAEN” (சிற்பியே உன்னை செதுக்குகிறேன்).

It is a book written with a theme of letters that Vairamuthu writes to the young generation.The book consists of 199 chapters, which has different heading as chapter like Art, Relationship, Heroism, Language, Resistance, Love, Rest, etc. Each chapter is written in a poetic format as if he himself speaks with he reader. I wondered why youngsters of all time for the past 25 years reads a book which should be very old in the thoughts. But after reading the book, i can assure you that you will realize why people call him as ” KaviPerarasu” (கவிபேரரசு ) .

I gained so much from that book, even though it was poetically written, it is very easily be understood by all. You can find that book available in any Tamil book shops. Once if you understood the sweetness of Vairamuthu lines you will search so much from his songs. Once i listened to a poem he wrote in the name of Amma (MOTHER/அம்மா). I share the you tube link of that poetic video for your reference.You find it very emotional. I share here some lines of his work…

ஆயிரம்தான் கவி சொன்னேன் , அழகழகா பொய் சொன்னேன் ..
பெத்தவளே ஒன் பெரும, ஒத்த வரி சொல்லலயே ..
காற்றெல்லாம் மகன் பாட்டு.. காகிதத்தில் அவன் எழுத்து …
ஊரெல்லாம் அவன் பேச்சு .. உன் கீர்த்தி எழுதலையே …

கண்ணு காது மூக்கோட கருப்ப ஒரு பிண்டம் .. இடப்பக்கம் கெடக்கயில என்னென நெனச்சிருப்ப ?
கத்தி எடுபாவனோ ? கலவாடபிரந்தவனோ ? தரணி ஆழப்பிறந்த தாசில்தார் இவன்தானோ …
இந்த விபரம் ஏதொண்ணும் தெரியாம நெஞ்சூட்டி வளத்த ஒன்ன நெனச்சா அழுக வரும்…

கதகதன்னு களி கிண்டி , களிக்குள்ள  குழி வெட்டி
கருபாடி நல்லெண்ண கலந்து தருவாயே …
தொண்டில அது இறங்கும் இதமான இலஞ்சுவடு
மண்டையில இன்னும் மசமசன்னு நிக்குதம்மா ….

Read his uncountable works in Tamil literature, you will realize the importance and stardom of the name ” Kaviperarasu”. You cannot stop it reading once. I am reading it the third time.

  1. mahesh says:

    hi brother… i m mahesh from france… enaku oru help panuvinga brother plss… vairamuthu sir oda sirpiyea unnai sethukukiren … intha book nan padikanum… pls enaku intha book ah full ah pdf file la en mail send panna mudiyuma??? plss pls… my mail id …

  2. karthick says:

    riyaz sir iam karthick from delhi sirpiyea unnai sethukukiren nan enga thediyum kidaikala,,full book pdf format la anupuga pls,,ellana book enga kidaikunu solluga,,thanking you sir

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