What do you see from the poster? Two pairs? No. Its not about pairs, its about two classes. Two lifestyles. One as shown above they are on the top. They have everything in this world. Money to spend and power to get things done in the society. The bottom pair of the photo depicts the life of average Indian. We fight for every day meals and they rest in platform. In monitory terms they are called as waste or unwanted burdens of the society.That is the point were whole plot of the story travels.

It was a not a story which the directer himself created but it was an event happened in some parts of North India. But the director took only that plot not the entire story of the film. The originality and specialty of the director Mr.Balaji Sakthivel is he tells the story as if it happens in the society. No cinematic things involved into his movies. His movies Kadhal, Angadi Theru were also a realistic pain of the bottom line people of the society.

Valakku Enn 18/9 is also such a movie talks so much about the society and pains of the poor people. It seriously raises the question about the socioeconomic structure prevails in the society. In almost every single scene he conveyed a society conscious message and clearly pictured the horrible life of the poor and cruelty that the rich shows towards the lower class of people through their Money power.

When the story of the parents of Hero Velu and his family is shown, it clearly portrayed the fat of Agriculture and farmers. The continues cruelty of moneylenders makes him to stop his study and go as a slave in northern pars of India. From then story shows two sides of the economic class the rich and the poor. The rich get richer with the money they have, but the poor get poorer because of the economic structure of the society. Money plays the only powerful role in the society, which is never possible for the poor.

In a very clear way, the film detailed the following factors of the society:

  • Class struggle
  • Economic exclusion
  • Money eroding the purpose of educational system
  • Political links involved in education, law, medical, and everywhere in the society
  • The situation in today’s police station and police officers
  • The ugly side of rich class in the society
  • The painful life of Poor people and their fight for survival
  • Human trafficking
  • The horror of money lenders
  • The good side of Sex workers
  • The situation of Agriculture and farmers
  • The pros and cons of technology and gadgets, etc and much more. Once again from this movie, with the help of new actors, Balaji sakthivel proved to the world cinema that,.

we can take a film an run it without the show of the so called superstars of cinema and their stardom. We can make a film and make it hit in the box office, with is social conscious. There are larger number of audience who relates things that happens in the society with the unwanted ideologies like caste, religion, class, we have.

Watch this movie more than once, not for the sake that the making of the movie was good, but for the society conscious intention of the director, and the way he described today’s scenario of rich and poor in the society.

As National leader of World Tamils said ” Media is one of the powerful department of the army”. He strikes again with such a plot which teaches the society easily what hundreds of Karl Marx books will teach and number of Communist talks will convey. At least from now on the Badhshahs and Shehanshaas of Indian cinema should learn to take movies like this.

Salute to Balaji sakthivel!

  1. Nice movie and good review..

  2. vidhuala says:

    tat was a good movie…. worth watching………and good review…..

  3. Shiva says:

    Nice words to appreciate this film.

  4. Narayana Rao.C says:

    Heart wrenching story & apt review!

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