I was studying in school when the 9/11 incident happened. It was not clear what happened in US that time? Who was involved in it? All my friends asked me the same question that Muslims all around the world, have to answer for non Muslim brothers.

Does Islam preaches to kill non Muslims? I was not completely aware of my religion or the international politics involved in it.

Once i understood the happenings in the society in the name of religion it became must for me, that i should answer for that question and make our non Muslim brothers aware of Politics in the name of religion and make them feel free to speak with Muslims. Then i was searching for various sources or talks that was given about 9/11 incident, to find an answer to that question.

One such a talk I saw was, Dr.Zakir Naik’s explanation for the same question from a Hindu brother in an international Islamic conference. Zakir Naik’s answer was very scientific and analytical. He answered with the facts provided by various American professors and scientist.

I feel now, it is worth sharing that in this blog.

Dr.Zakir Naik, President ,Islamic Research Foundation, India

After the 9/11 incident, 75 professors from the top universities of US agreed that 9/11 was an insider job. Their opinion was published in Times of India (TOI), and they felt it should be by the acts of some politicians who wanted a strong reason for attacking oil rich countries. They felt first their target would be Afghanistan, then Iraq and then IRAN. They said 19 hijackers from the caves of Afghanistan could not do that in such a professional way.

Further analysis tells that the steel beams in twin tower could not have melted by the temperature caused from the burning of Jet fuel, and also if that is possible fuel will not be sufficient to damage the entire building. At most one floor could be damaged.

In addition to that senior pilots said that it is not possible for a passenger air craft to take U turn in the air like that, they doubted it should be army aircraft altered and looked like passenger craft. They doubted that it was a Willful act from US politician’s side.

If we look at the videos of 9/11 incident and how the second plane stroked the tower. We could see a firing comes from the wing of the plane before it hits the tower. In which passenger plane we have the facility to shoot? A professor said that the building for at most 2000 degree of storm will not be damaged, how a small strike by an aircraft could cause such a damage to the building and demolish it?

The people who escaped from the twin tower buildings said that they felt systematic bombings happening in all the floor continuously which caused the building to get demolished.

US officials gave some proofs that confirm the hijack was done by Al Qaeda. For that they have shown some audio interaction by some people in the plane through their mobile phones to the people on the ground. But a survey has been taken among the scientist in the US, they said the possibility of mobile phone working at the height of 4000 ft is 4%; 8000 ft is 1%; 32000 ft is 0.06%; It was impossible to get mobile signals there. And how could those people spoke with their relatives from that height?

And the interesting thing is, America is spending today millions of dollars to improve their communication to reach at that level, which they said they have achieved in 2001 itself. Controversial!

Geo Politics played a greater role in that incident in the name of Religion. People should understand that clearly. Today all the politicians or the ruling government all over the world try to create a fear psychosis among the common man to get  those fears converted in to votes in the nearest elections. That’s what happened in Gujarat riots in 2002, That’s what Narendra Modi did in India. He created the Muslim fear among the Hindu majority and gained victory.

So that’s the same idea in US, they wanted a strong reason to justify their invasion in Afghanistan, Iraq by satisfying their people and the International community. This attitude is always there in the American gene.

I don’t know what went wrong and who went wrong. I am not sure, whether it was done by Obama country or the Ozama group, but killing innocent human beings is prohibited in all religion. Islam as a religion of peace also have strong warnings from Allah about killing innocents.

It comes in the verses of Qur’an…

If someone kills innocent human beings, it is considered like that he has killed the entire humanity.

From this statements of Allah, it is clear that Islam never supports this kinds of Acts. Whatever may be the reason. Let us always try to understand the other side of the cruel stories like this before coming to a conclusion about a particular ethnic group or religion. It has become usual in Geo political fights like this. Whether it is Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine or Eelam, people should look in-depth, because it is not about a game of who wins and who loses, but it is about loosing life, dream, Human rights and Humanity. If humans wants to live in this world , Humanity should live first.

Let peace blessings and mercy of almighty god be with all of us!


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