No Arms No legs No worries – Nick vujicic

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Beautiful People
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Think of a situation if we do not have one of our arms. Shocking to imagine. we cant do anything. If we do not have both the arms, we feel waste living its better to die. A man from birth who doesn’t have both his arms and legs lives his life completely with a greater purpose by motivating other to live a happy life.

Nick vujicic, inspired me a lot when i first watched his video talking to hundreds of school girls in a school in Australia. It was short clip i have downloaded from Youtube. A 15 minute video which made me to cry and taught me a great lesson for my life, each and every person in this world have some problem, we are not here in this world to worry but to live, that by benefiting others.

Personal life of Nick was very sad one. He born in an Australian family to a nurse called Dushka Vujicic and a pastor Boris Vujicic. No medical information was known to anyone before he was born that the child is going to be without limbs. It was a rare disease called tetra-amelia syndrome, the absence of all four limbs. Life after the birth was not happy for nick, he felt depressed because of his disability and bullying by his schoolmates. he tried so may times to suicide by drowning himself in water, but he could not do because of the love of his parents.

He then learned his purpose of life, then he started a non profit organisation called LIFE WITHOUT LIMBS at the age of seventeen. Through that he started to preach the greater purpose of libving through his motivational talks all around the world. Meanwhile he studied double course from an Australian university in the fields which i like the most Accounting and Financial planing.

Recently he married Kanae Miyahara and life goes positively for Nick or he learnt to take things like that.

Today nick is known and popular person all around the world who transformed so many lifes through his story. From Life without limbs to his life became life without limits.

If a person with no limbs could do that much for the society and the whole world through just by talking and conveying the message. why cant we transform the lives of some people through various means that we are able to do?

I have shared some youtube links of the Nick vujicic talks here. just go through it. sure you will feel inspired. I was stunned upon a statement Nick once said …

If God can use a man without arms and legs to be His hands and feet, then He will certainly use any willing heart!

All credits to Nick. All best for your work.

  1. […] Nick Vujicic, Orator, Pasteur, Financial Professional, who have no limbs said once ” If i can do something that is successful, why cant you?”. Our body is the greatest gift that has to be taken care, because we cannot afford not to. […]

  2. ANNADURAI says:

    He is my HERO. His life is model for me.Sure i will achive something in my life

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