May 18 – Remembering the Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Politics, Society
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What is the difference between war crime and genocide? Sri Lankans knew it well than the UN.

May 17th and 18th of the year 2009, will stand painfully in the hearts of 12 Crore Tamil people living around the world. The pain and inability of Tamil ethnic group to stop the genocide of our brothers and sisters in Eelam will stand in the history of the Tamils as a black mark and it won’t be forgotten for the next 2000 years. Not one or two, one thousand or two thousand, more than 175000 Tamil people died in the final stages of the war. Who was responsible for that then? Big brother countries of the world said both the government and the LTTE. Now Sri Lankan government claims it vanished the rebels. Now who has to answer for the genocide? The Sri Lankan government.

Countries which still have some humanity in their hearts, slowly asking for an international enquiry regarding the War crime (still they find it difficult to pronounce the word ‘Genocide’). But Sri Lankan government is not ready for that now and it will never expect to do that at any time in the future. The simple reason behind that is India-Lanka relationship. India is the only country in the world, which has a diplomatic relationship with a country (Sri Lanka) which killed its own fisherman. It is not one or two, here and there, but a systematic killing of Tamil fisherman in the southern parts of Tamil Nadu. Lanka killed more than 550 Indian citizens. India still has a romantic relationship with Lanka. Everyone knows why. Because, the war was not between Lankan troops and LTTE, It was between International troops sponsored by India, lead by India, but labeled as Sri Lanka.

Never the present Indian government at the centre will allow the international people to get into probe the Tamil genocide because they are the partners for that to happen. Whenever the question of reconciliation is been raised, Lanka will take their LLRC (lessons learned and reconciliation council) reports, which is nothing but a fake story of inhumane facts in the Tamil region.

All the countries around the world, acts only on their political interest. The decisions they take, and the actions they do will be in their own benefits, no matter whether it is Just or In just, they don’t bother about that, they call it Diplomatic decisions. In the name of war against terrorism, Lanka did a world’s largest genocide, cruel than Hitler’s worst works. No one is there to question because they are concerned about the changing geopolitics in the coastal areas of India. Because of their vested interest to have a share in the control of Indian Ocean and the trade involved in it, they were ready to pay the price of 175000 Tamils. They did it, without any hesitation.

3 years over, still nothing happened like what the Lankan government claimed that they will do for Tamil people after war. And they are not ready to do and they will never give equal rights and power for Tamil people. In the name of Buddha, Sri Lanka wants the country to be Sinhalese Buddhist country. They say Buddha booked that land for them. Lunatics!

Till now, War with weapons got over on May 18, 2009. Today it is time for political war. Unless and until Tamils all around the world carefully watches and understands the geopolitics involved around the northern parts of Lanka and the southern parts of India ( both Tamil regions), and act according to that, the peace and prosperity of the next generation Tamils , whether Hindu or Muslim or Christian or atheist, it will be in a serious trouble. And the politics around the world clearly conveys a message that the UN will not mind letting any country to go for a war again and do some more genocide in some parts of the world.

Let’s open our eyes and act intelligently with responsibility to stop that from happening, not only to Tamils but to any other human or ethnic groups in the world. If something hurts some part of the body and if it pains, the eyes tears down. In the same way whatever pain the world has suffered, Tamil raised against that and shed tears down for those sufferings. But when we suffered pain, no one was there to speak about that. We have learnt the horrible lessons of this century, with our experience let us stand together and raise the voice for Eelam of Tamils and equality, dignity, Humanity, Human rights all around the world.

Let’s stand together and shout every single day that until Eelam is recognized…that

(Tamilarin Thaagam, Tamil eelathaayagam!) ”The thrust of Tamils is Tamil Eelam Nation”


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