“Shah Rukh is licking my feet ” – Once said Aamir.


He is one of the most controversial actors of bollywood. SRK’s stardom comes with a price but the superstar actor is always ready to pay for it.

SRK always maintains a low profile when it comes to public behavior. whether it is something about the smoking in the play stadiums while watching matches or clash with co actors in midnight parties,SRK stands out in that as well. He was involved in so many controversies,but the recent controversies with cricket officials seriously raises a question of the stars mentality to show the power of their stardom.

‘He was drunken and abused the security officials of the stadium’. That is the complaint from the side of cricket stadium admin, but SRK says his son was manhandled that why the clash came. Too childish arguments. That have to be solved within the walls.

I don’t know why the media closely covers this as a big issue?. It is not something newly happens with sharukh, the Badhsa of bollywood , here and there,now and then come in some controversies.

Once it was fight with airport officials, sometimes with other superstars like Aamir and frequent midnight clash with Salman in parties , or affair with Priyanka chopra. Now a days he pays huge price to keep his star status. But in the past most of the controversies were in cinema field. But now he comes out of his boundary and wants other fields to be influenced with his stardom.(?)

Will the cinema stardom of sharukh could make the issue to conclude in his favor. we have to wait and watch. But the media is covering the issue unnecessarily very closely. I know they do it for TRP. But as citizen of this country and viewer of those channels i humbly request them to allot sometime for social issues and people problems. if they do so the people who watches their channels will get benefited if media speaks about their problems.

Profit is most important for individuals. But people are most important for us as a society.

We have millions of issues to be solved. Just concentrate on that…


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