Book review: Indian Philosophy – A popular introduction

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Books & Movies, Religion
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It is always interesting to seek answer for the GOD question.

It is not only happening in this generation, but people from hundreds and thousands of years ago have started to seek the answer for the doubts about the divine thing and super power in various parts of the world.

It happened in India as well. Deveiprasad chattobadyay, a well known and famous intellect author wrote a book on Indian philosophies and its transformation named ” Indian Philosophy – A popular introduction”.

Recently i finished reading that book, in a Tamil version, thinking that Indian philosophies would be difficult to read , if i go with my mother tongue it would be easy to understand the concepts. But even then it was very tough to read and understand not because of the content and style of the book but because of the complexity of Indian philosophies.

From the authors point of vie, he says it took lot of years for our ancestors to arrive at a philosophy called ‘Justice’. They searched a lot to classify things on the basis good and bad, right and wrong. He wrote clearly the evolution of Indian philosophies with other philosophies in various parts of Greece, Rome like philosophies of Plato, etc.

While speaking about Indian philosophies he conveys it clearly that the philosophies that India have today is of Aryans. He says Tamil and Sanskrit were the two old languages of India. when Aryans came they forcibly imbibed their concept of God and rituals among Tamil or Dravidian people, by creating caste system in the name of God, in which Aryan are said to be at the top and supreme in their birth and Dravidian were born at the foot of God so they have to be servants.

He explains these various social issues and how they got included in the Indian philosophy and for whose benefit.

He shows clearly the different stands of Theist and Atheist , and express his surprise how in the ages were meager science growth Athiest were able to argue the theist about the non existence of God.

The book gives you the controversial stand of ‘Buddha’ and the ‘ Buddhism’, in which he says Buddha was actually an atheist, but the Buddhist after his death made himself as God, and what they does in the name of Buddha.

You will really get answers for so many insightful questions about Upanishads, Smiritis, yoga, vedas, vedantas, jainism, buddism, lokayukta,etc and philosophy in this book. A book worth reading , in this times of religious fights and genocides.

The book is a label to show that Deviprasad was a real genius to write a book about Philosophies.

Book view :Tamil version


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