What’s wrong with Non – Vegetarian food? – A religious view

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Religion, Society
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It is always difficult for Non – Veg lovers to justify when a pure vegetarians question about the killing of birds and animals for food. People especially in India believe in Ahimsa, so they seriously protest against the Non Veg lovers. Because of that it is believed that in Hinduism Non vegetarian food is prohibited. But it is totally wrong in claiming Hinduism prohibits eating non vegetarian food. Especially when it comes to Non vegetarian and all people accuses Islam, because of the assumption that most of the Non Vegetarian eaters are only Muslims.

Science: Science tells us Flesh is rich in vitamins. It is the only food got complete protein. There are 23 amino acids required by the human body. Out of which 8 should be compulsorily taken from external food items. The fact is no vegetarian food gives the 8 amino acids together. But Meat gives it.

Teeth: Friends! kindly analyze the set of teeth for herbivorous animals. Cow, goat, cattle, etc. has a flat set of teeth, which is helpful for chewing leaves and plants.
When we analyze the set of teeth for carnivorous animals like lion, tiger, cheetah, etc. those are having pointing set of teeth, which are helpful for eating flesh and meet.
Take a look at our teeth style. We are omnivorous; we have both pointing teeth ad flat teeth together, which mean we are allowed to eat both the food by almighty God.

Digestive system: If we check the digestive system of herbivorous animals, it can only digest vegetarian food. Similar is for carnivorous animals, it can only digest meat and flesh. But we humans have both small intestine and large intestine to eat and digest both the vegetarian food and non vegetarian food.

Islamic View: Why Sacrificing Animals for Bakrid and festivals of other religions:

Surah Al Haj chapter 22/ Verse 37 ‘our meat and blood will not go to allah but it is your parity go to Allah’.

Allah clearly says the eats of sacrificed animals not go to him to the parity of such an act reaches him. In Bakrid sacrifice is done but with conditions.

One third of the sacrificed meat should go to poor people; one third should go to relatives; one third we can take it for ourselves. This act helps donating food for poor people and develops relationship among the relatives.
Bakrid sacrifice is not for Allah, but it is for us and our welfare in the name of Allah. People today question is it must for a muslim to eat non veg. No! it is not mentioned anywhere in the Quran like a muslim must eat non veg food. As for as Islam is concerned, one can be a non vegetarian Muslim. No problem for anyone.

Hinduism View: Most of the Hindu believers have the misconception that non vegetarian is prohibited in Hindu religion. But the fact I it is not.
Manusmiriti Ch5/Verse 30,31,40 says ‘ Almighty God created some animals to eat and some animals to be eaten’.

In Mahabharata, it is revealed from the conversations of Pandavas it is revealed that the practice of non veg food was there from that time.Yudistar , the eldest brother of pandavas asks his younger brother Bhisma’ what food should we give for our ancestors rituals’, for which Bhisma replies all non vegetarian menus with different time levels of satisfaction.

…Veg food – one month; Fish – 2 months; Rabbit -6 months; … the list goes and if ancestors want to be satisfied eternally

we have to give meat of cow. Non vegetarian food was there in Hindu puranas.
Plants have Life and pain: science today tells that Plants have life and pain. We humans are cable of hearing to some sound only if the sound is between 20 cycles per second and 20000 cycles per second. Anything more or less, we are not capable of hearing. Since because we are not capable of hearing we should not say plants don have pain.

In America a former invented a machine which transmits the pain of Plant. It was found that plants cried for water, and it gave noise when it feels hurt by humans. Now no one can claim that plants don’t have pain and suffering, so we are vegetarians.

Personally no one have any problem with an individual intention and like of having veg or Non veg food. But if a question is raised like why killing animals for your food, when vegetarian foods are available? It has to be seriously answered and justified.

If no question raised, no probs! we concentrate on our Chilli chicken and Mutton Biriyani, you concentrate on your interesting veg foods pal!


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