What is the benefit of having Caste?

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Religion, Society
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The most unforgivable thing in any religion is classification of people by their birth. Every individual in this world has equal rights and they should be allowed to live with dignity as any other human beings in this world. In India we have different religions. Each religion has different caste and spread almost in all levels. In the recent years questions have been raised by social reformists to abolish caste at least in official and government level.

So in this context, it is necessary that we have to make ourselves clear and convey the true perspectives of all religions with respect to caste system. Here I would like to discuss the perspectives of Islam and Hinduism with reference to this.

Most of the people in India believe caste classification is there in both Islam and Hinduism. But the truth is we are not aware Islam is a religion fights against the caste system. Then you may ask me, why there is some classification in Islam like Shiek, Syed, Mullah, Pathan, Sunni, Shia, Jamat-e-islam, etc. The true thing is those are not castes, it is nothing but the family names and man created things. We could not find any such caste classifying words given in any verses of Quran. In front of Almighty God all are same.

Recently I was fortunate to listen to a lecture of Brother Dr. Zakir Naik, founder of Islamic Research foundation (IRF), scholar of Islamic studies and comparative religion and a great religious speaker of our time. One question was raised from a non-Muslim brother questioning the caste system of Islam and Hinduism.

He explained that in a great way.

In Quran, Surah Al-Hujuraat (Chapter no 4 / Verse no 13) Allah (means God in Arabic) says..

‘We created you as different races, that to recognize each other, not to differ’.

In the lights of Islam, a man is recognized by his righteous deed, good acts, and god consciousness. These things will take him to heaven. But Hinduism stands contradictory to Islam. It divides people by birth.

Rig-Veda /Book no 10/Hymn no 90 /Mantra no 12 describe

s the structure of caste system. It says god created man from different parts of his body.

  • From Head – Brahmin – They are considered as learned;
  • From Chest – Kshatriyas – They are the warriors;
  • From   Abdomen – Vysas – The business people;
  • From Foot – sutras – the slaves and servants;

What is the destiny of sutras? They have to be slaves and servants forever. It is an Inhuman ideology!

Surah Al – Imran (Chapter no 3 / Verse no 103) in Quran says ‘Hold to the rope of Allah, be not divided’

Surah Al – Anam (Chapter no 6 / verse no 159) in Quran says ‘Oh. Prophet! If anyone makes sects in Islam, you have nothing to do with them. Allah will look after them in the face of judgment day’.

Islam condemns the caste system. I write this article just to make people aware of the unnecessary conc

ept of caste system and we as educated should study the comparative religions and take good part of it. After all we all have born in this world to live peacefully with equal dignity and rights.

It is necessary for us to share these thoughts to create a caste less society and flightless peaceful living.


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