The Untold Story of Religion : George Thompson

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Religion
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George Thompson tells the untold story of


These days of economic crisis and government failure seriously question the sustainability of Capitalist economic structure. The socialist stresses the need of having communist ideology like Marxism and Leninism. The question of god and religion plays a greater role in social transformation and upliftment. People who fight for the cause of society always feel religion is the most important hindrance in bringing people to fight for the social cause. True! To a greater extent. But thinking like that and acting against by excluding those who belief in god will not give a fruitful result. Even it will show the people working for social change to be anti religious and enemies of not one religion but all religion.

In this period of religious fights and communal disharmony, the need for understanding religion is important to all of us, to both believers and atheist. Intra religion understanding and accepting the false things in one’s religion is very important for us, as a literate people. George Thompson speaks mostly about Christianity with reference to economic development of human race.

Opposite stands of Religion and science:  In early days of human race development, man was very poor in knowledge; he doesn’t have any idea about the nature and how to control it. He believed some unknown force or power controls the happenings of the earth and nature, man cannot understand it by analyzing it but he can control that force by devotion and rituals like sacrificing some human or animals.

So he did it. He named that superpower as GOD. And all the idea of devotion and control was named as Religion.

Human race developed during million years. Today we are in the ages of science. We know so much than our ancestors, about the happenings of earth. How things works in earth and how to go with the happenings of nature. Man called the things they knew and control as Science. Religion and science are in two different points;

Religion is fear of the unknown and science is the clarity of the Known.

Religion and the various stages of development: In earlier days man invented various tools that will help the333m to hunt and eat. The only thing they do that time is hunting. Then work classification happened over a period of time. Some involved themselves into the process of producing tools that help hunting. They exchanged things with themselves for a common purpose.

The most important revolution that happened in the development of human race is Agriculture. Agriculture paved way for the human race to stay in a place and do agricultural works and produce cereals. Man got specialized in producing different commodities. They exchanged goods for goods, which is said to be Barter system. The most important thing in agriculture is women were involved in it. Men have to go for hunting and women have to do agriculture. The massive development of agriculture gave women all rights and they were dominating men. The only work for which men was considered by women is pregnancy. We can notice that most of the agricultural rituals involved even today resemble the rituals of pregrenancy.

After that man segregated in to different places and they became different Races. Now war among the groups were playing a very important role, fighting and looting the rival groups became a greater source of wealth. Now men got a upper hand in the society. Earlier women were treated like god. Even if agriculture has to yield good returns, women head of that team has to become pregnant. Things changed after war played major role.

Men started to dominate the society. If rain has to come, man started to act like how he behaves when rain comes. They considered those as rituals. After some time the team head started to command the nature by saying like ‘Oh Rain! Come’. He was respected for being as a team head, by giving good food and great respect with team rituals. He was considered as mirror of god. The great qualities he got were considered to be given by God himself. Later the rituals they did to team leader were considered to be the rituals that god demands. They started to give team head rituals to GOD. The idea of GOD came into place. Like this from different races different ideologies of religion got developed. On one side religion got developed like this. The other side the economics in parallel developed and segregated as different classes. Owner’s class & Worker’s class.

In the earlier stages as I told, the human efficiency was very poor. The nature of humans is when we repeatedly do some process, over a period of time our efficiency will get developed. Initially each and everyone in the group have to work to satisfy the physiological needs. But after some time human efficiency paved way for creating some surplus food. So indirectly, someone in the group can sit free, not working physically. These people were usually the team leaders, initially managing all the common tools, machines and properties. They learnt their lessons well. From managing they started to own the tools and machineries. Their extraordinary power as religious head and team head paved way for this. Their community obeyed leader’s word. So the rituals of the religion were framed by the religious leaders without affecting but supporting the economic structure and the benefits they available from that without doing any work.

And the successors of those team leaders created religious classes in the name of god. They claimed the religious leadership sticks with them as their birth rights. That was a great plan! The economy of the two classes of people got widened as it is still hurts today. One people without working enjoy all the benefit in the name of god and rituals. The other working class people work 365 days, 24 hours but they suffer from extreme poverty and death.

Religious leaders and the wealthy people in the society teamed themselves with a common deal. Their deal is to provide a reason for poor’s suffering in the name of god. They then declared the pre birth and fate, heaven and stories related to that. They said, if poor people suffer in this earth they will get heaven in the life after death, through various rituals which benefits the religious leaders.

Good logic! to make the poor not to break the present economic structure of inequality and private ownership.

Like this, in the name of religion, the money greedy capitalist form of economist play with the society and safeguard the capitalist economist structure and make sure not to provide any environment for the rise of socialism.

Only when we understand the economics of religion, and the deal between economic upper class with religious upper class, we can put an end to poverty and create communal harmony.

I am not accusing all religions. There are religions which supports the equality of human beings. Underst

and all religion; choose one which creates equality and brotherhood among human beings. Then no social transformation is required, all problems will come to an end, believers and disbelievers all live in a peaceful way.

It is a very important thing to be done in today’s world, where every country fights with other country

We have born in this world to live; not to die!to show religious power or economic domination. You name it Jihad or American Imperialism, both are common in some point, all are the cause and effect of economic inequality and religious fundamentalism.

All the thoughts I expressed so far are my understanding of the essay named ‘Religion’ written by George Thompson. It is available as a book. It will give a more in-depth understanding of the concept – Religion.


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